Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives

A PREMIER UNIVERSITY delivering world-class education that promotes sustainable development amidst climate change.

To provide quality education to enhance food security, sustainable communities, industry innovation, climate resilience, gender equality, institutional development and partnership.

Goals & Objectives
Goal I: To develop proactive programs to ensure relevant quality education
     1. To benchmark curricular and co-curricular programs with national and international standards
     2. To develop alternative learning experiences to enhance skills that match industry needs
     3. To develop innovative and relevant curricular and co-curricular programs
     4. To enhance proactive student welfare and development programs
Goal II: To develop proactive programs for quality service
     1. To enhance relevant human resource development programs
     2. To develop effective and efficient innovative platforms for cascading information
     3. To enhance and develop employee welfare programs
Goal III: To enhance responsive systems and procedures for transparent institutional development
     1. To enhance and develop innovative financial management system
     2. To ensure transparency in all transactions in the university
     3. To ensure inclusive and consultative decision making
Goal IV: To develop relevant and gender sensitive research and extension programs for institutional development, sustainable communities, climate resilience, industry innovation, and partnership
     1. To develop relevant multimedia tools in disseminating technology, knowledge and information generated from RDE program
     2. To develop relevant RDE activities that will address current problems and support cultural advocacy
     3. To partner with strategic local, regional, national and international entities
Goal V: To strengthen and expand public-private partnerships
     1. Sustain and pursue functional University-relation with the alumni and other organizations both in the government and nongovernment entities.
     2. To strengthen the linkage among academe, industries, LGUs and community

Core Values (SLIDES)