Co-curricular Activities

1. BUWAN NG WIKA is sponsored by the Humanities Department every August. 
2. LITERARY-MUSICAL CONTEST (LITMUS) is an annual activity sponsored by the Department of Humanities. It is a conglomeration of activities showcasing the talents & skills of the students in all aspects of the arts through singing, dancing, speaking & acting as well as their knowledge on general information & current events through quiz bee.
3. INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ MONTH CELEBRATION is sponsored by the Social Science Department.
4. SOCIAL SCIENCE WEEK, Social Science Department
5. INTEGRATED SCIENCE QUIZ (ISQ)- In line with the University’s goals, the College takes the reign towards the promotion of intellectual growth & science consciousness among the studentry. The department of Biology, Chemistry & Math-Physics-Statistics sponsor the annual ISQ held during the 2nd semester of the school year. This activity is a healthy competition in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics among selected participants of the eight (8) colleges of the university.
6. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE WEEK- This is sponsored by the Biology Department and the Young Environmentalists Society.
7. STATISTICS WEEK- This is sponsored by the MPS Department in celebration of the National Statistics Month.
8. IT WEEK - This is sponsored by the IT Department

• Bios Logos Society (Biology Department)
• Body of Young Information Technologist (Information Technology Department)
• Samahang Statistika (MPS Department)
• Young Environmentalists Society (Biology Department)
• CAS Student Government (Umbrella Organization)
• Philippine Science Consortium- BSU Student Chapter
• KaliCASan- official student publication
• Biology Graduate School Alliance
• Chemistry Society
• General Science, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics Society
• Master of Arts in Social Sciences Alliance
• Graduate School Language Society