2013 graduate hurdle licensure exams

By upao - Posted on 11 September 2013

          The University is proud of its new agriculturist, nutrition-dieticians and agricultural engineers as the results of the nations licensure exams were officially released.

          The College of Home Economics and Technology maintains its hall of fame performance by listing a passing rate of 68.23% surpassing the national passing rate of 64% at the Nutritionist-Dietician's Licensure Exam. It is also the 4th performing school under the 50 and more examinees category.

          Although the College of Agriculture is two points short of reaching the national passing rate of 35.21%, the college still takes pride from the 251 passers who listed the 32.67% school passing rate.

          The College of Engineering and Applied Technology listed a passing rate of 31.71%  on the Agricultural Engineers Licensure Examination held on August 25 and 26. There are 13 graduates who made it out of 41. Of 13 who passed, 10 are fresh graduates and firts time takers while the remaining three are retakers. The nations passing rate is 39.43%.