206 researches presented in 2019 Annual In-House Review

By upao - Posted on 12 September 2019


A total of 206 researches were presented during the 2019 Annual In-House Review held on August 7-9, 2019 at the Northern Philippines Root Crops Research and Training Center (NPRCRTC). Out of these, 57 are completed, 73 are ongoing and 76 are still proposals. The researches were classified into three main categories: Science and Technology (S&T); Social Sciences; and Development.

Under the S&T- Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources (AANR) category, the winning non-BSU funded researches are: “Heirloom Rice Landraces of Benguet: Germplasm Conservation and Evaluation and Increasing Productivity through Organic Production Practices” by Belinda A. Tad-awan, Hector C. Gayumba, Teresita D. Masangcay, Carlito P. Laurean, Nordalyn B. Pedroche, Jasmin M. Chomawat, Wilner S. Mauting, Virginia A. Tapat and Magdalena Wanawan (1st place); Population Dynamics and Age Structure of Coffee Berry Borer (Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari) in Arabica Coffee Grown Under Partial Shade in Benguet, Philippines by Gemma S. Das-ilen and Celia R. Medina (2nd place); and “Ecosystem Services and Dynamics of Indigenous Knowledge in Harnessing Food Security and Biodiversity Conservation in the Highlands of Cordillera, Philippines” by Joyce N. Paing, Romeo A. Gomez, Jr., Louisa P. Pladio, Ronnel V. Pontino and Jessica M. Bulcio (3rd place). The research “Impact of Postharvest Processing Methods on the Occurrence of Ochratoxin A and Cupping Quality of Arabica Coffee” by Andres A. Basalong, Von Y. Amado, Margelyn J. Pasigon and Hazen Lyn Talbino is 1st Place among BSU funded studies.

For the S&T-Food, Industry, Energy, Emerging Technologies (FIEET) category, the winning non-BSU funded research is “Development of Local Alternative Flavors for Ice Cream by Jao-jao A. Somyden, Pelin B. Belino, Rhea S. Contada, Johnabel T. Basatan and Ruda Fe Sunading (1st place).

Under the Social Sciences - AANR category, the winning non-BSU funded researches are: “Development of Rainwater and Fog Harvester in Baguio- Benguet Areas” by Ruth S. Batani, Leonardo Dumalhin, Carlito P. Laurean, Alexander Fagyan, Sherry Mae Daclan, Donnalyn Macaburas and Frederick Carpio (1st place); “BSU-CVM DA-BAI: Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Project in CAR” by Marietta Q. Amatorio, Criselda S. Battad, Edlyn Mae N. Ciano, Joy P. Guisoben and Nanette Marpa (2nd place); and “Adoption and Impacts of Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System” by Cheryll C. Launio, Marivic C. Abyado, Erlinda B. Alupias and Cus M. Kilakil (3rd place).

For the BSU funded researches under the same category, the winners are: “Adoption and Impacts of a Biological Control: Case of Trichoderma Koningii for Highland Agriculture” by Cheryll C. Launio, Kacy O. Labon, Alladin A. Banez, Ruth S. Batani, Rhea S. Loncio and Teresita D. Masangcay (1st place); “Awareness and Use of Indigenous and Modern Seasonal Climate Forecast by Highland Farmers in Benguet and Mountain Province” by Cheryll C. Launio (2nd place); and “The Practice of Suplay A Partnership Venture Between the Capitalists and Vegetable Farmers-Suplay of Bauko, Mountain Province and Mankayan, Benguet Province” by Leonardo L. Samonte (3rd place).

Under the Social Science-Non-AANR category, the winning BSU-funded researches are: “Accommodation of Indigenous Dances in Higher Education Institutions in CAR” by Stanley F. Anongos, Jr. and Leonardo L. Samonte (1st place); “Learning Day-eng and Liwliwa as Told by Ypidlisan” by Matyline A. Camfili-Talastas, Lilibet Ag-a and Flori-Ann Sabado (2nd place); and “Assessment of the Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives of Benguet State University; College of Arts and Sciences; and Mathematics-Physics-Statistics Department Degree Programs” by Julie A. Buasen, Bretel B. Dolipas, Maria Azucena B. Lubrica, Serano L. Oryan, Marycel T. Sajise, Danni Loven A. Fulwani, Carmelo W. Madinno, Joel V. Lubrica and Phil S. Ocampo (3rd place).

Under the Development category, the winning non-BSU funded researches are: “Assessment, Field Validation and Documentation of Evidence- Based Ecosystem Adaptation Measures with Potential for Scaling-up in Indigenous Cultural Communities” by Ruth S. Batani, Romeo A Gomez, Cheryll C. Launio and Bettv S. Listino (1st place) and “Science and Technology Community-Based Farm (STCBF) on Spray-Type Chrysanthemum Production” by Carlito P. Laurean, Teresita K. Mangili, Jocelyn C. Perez, Felicitas D. Ticbaen, Nida D. Organo, Andy B. Colte, Charlie C. Consolacion and Jaime B. Codio (2nd place).

The conduct of Annual In-House Review (AIHR) forms part of the Monitoring and Evaluation modalities for completed and/or ongoing RDE programs, projects, or studies/activities in the University. It also aims to evaluate the findings of completed programs, projects or studies/activities, identify RDE results for possible publication, determine potential Intellectual Properties for protection or commercialization and identify potential researches for the regional symposium. //JSTabangcura