390 dean’s listers and 331 year’s best students recognized

By upao - Posted on 25 June 2019


Students with a General Weighted Average (GWA) of 1.18 to 1.75 and those who excelled in certain areas such as sports, research and performing arts were recognized during the Student Achievement, Recognition Program and Hooding Ceremonies on June 18, 2019 at the University Gymnasium. Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Veterinary graduates also had the hooding ceremony in the same day.

The dean’s listers are led by Ian Hope G. Belingen who is taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education. He garnered a GWA of 1.18.

To inspire the dean’s listers and awardees, Mark U. Gay-as was invited to give a message. Gay-as is an alumnus of the University and is currently the college secretary of the College of Nursing. As a student, Gay-as received multiple awards for his curricular and extra-curricular achievements. After graduation, he practiced nursing and continued volunteering. He is currently the training officer of the Highland Emergency Actual and Response Team Cordillera, Inc.

In his speech, Gay-as described the Recognition Program as a celebration, affirmation and inspiration.

“…Celebration of academic, curricular and extra-curricular excellence, affirmation of the student’s professional and social commitment and inspiration through the recognition of the many gifts and talents recognized earlier,” he said.

Gay-as prodded the awardees to contribute to nation-building even if they are still students.

“Learn and serve, learn how to build the community where you are. As recipients of the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act, you are expected to develop high levels of academic thinking, behavioral and technical skills and competencies. You are tasked to participate actively in research and development, you are called to provide solutions.”

In response, Belingen encouraged his fellow achievers and awardees to excel in whatever they do no matter how small quoting John W. Gardner who said, “Excellence is doing ordinary things extra-ordinarily.”
Comparing excellence with perfection, he said excellence is better because it gives a chance to make up for mistakes and eventually improve.

Belingen shared a few tips to the road of excellence and that is knowing weaknesses in order to improve, taking a step forward time after time, setting a crystal clear vision and above all, and adhering to the will of the Almighty.//JSTabangcura