ATBI/IC launches Bio-Organic waste conversion facility

By upao - Posted on 20 May 2019


To address the needs of farmers incubatees produce more organic compost, Benguet State University Agri-based Technology Business Incubator/Innovation Center (ATBI/IC) presented the Bio-organic waste conversion facility at the Strawberry farm on April 26, 2019.

Dr. Ruth C. Diego, ATBI/IC director stressed the need of the facility since the incubatees are having a hard time looking for compost to use in improving the soil quality of their farm.

The incubatees have been collecting compost from the mountains of La Trinidad and buying outside of the municipality just to dump in their farm which is really not sustainable.”Diego said.

Dr. Diego added that the facility will not only be utilized by the incubatees but also for the community regarding the disposal of kitchen waste and vegetable trimmings.

We have talked to the officials of Barangay Betag (La Trinidad) as regards to the collection of their organic waste as one of the sources to be used in the facility..” she articulated.

In a press release published by Dr. Susanta Kundu, Chief Operating Officer of Excel Innovation Centre in Mumbai, India, who presented the machine during the launching stated that composting is a perfect recycling activity which turns unsafe organic products into a safe compost.

She also stated that composting is necessary as compost is an important material to maintain soil health.

Unlike any other composting machine, the facility is equipped with an Aerobic Composting Technology in which the composting cycle that normally a natural bio-degradation process takes from three to six months reduces between 10 and 12 days using a bio-chemical process with Bioculum application.

Dr. Carlito P. Laurean, Vice President for Research and Extension mentioned that this kind of program is also needed by the region because Cordillera is now moving towards good agricultural practices and organic farming.

Organic Fertilizer is much needed..., we have already reports about the environmental consequences of conventional farming and that is too much use of chemical inputs and corresponding effects on health., this (pertaining to the facility) will be an additional support to our farmers” he asserted.

The facility is situated in a 4 x 12 meters lot at the Strawberry farm as counterpart of the University while the organic waste converter machines and supplies from India were funded by the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Agricultural Research. //DSEmok