Beekeepers empowered in Entrep-Development Seminar

By BSU UPAO - Posted on 23 May 2014

To help the beekeepers become successful entrepreneurs, BSU organized a one day seminar on Entrepreneurship Development and Organizational Effectiveness for Beekeepers at Gladiola Hall on May 12, 2014.

There were 30 apiculture practitioners who attended the seminar. The participants are from Atok, Buguias, La Trinidad, Kabayan, Mankayan and Baguio City. Some even came from Quezon City, Manila.

The seminar was organized by the Office of VP for Research and Extension, Institute of Social Research and Development and Cordillera Regional Apiary Center (CRAC) in collaboration with the Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO).

Gerry O’Connor, CESO Volunteer Adviser who served as the speaker during the seminar, discussed that in order to become productive businessmen; Product, Price, and Profit should be given importance.

He added that without the three P’s, a business could fail. He explained that the marketplace needs a high quality product for the customers to buy.

“Making a business plan is important in a business. Nine out of ten businesses failed because of not making a business plan, businessmen should understand and examine their products. You have to know who your competitors are, your product should be marketable and of higher quality than that of your competitors,” stressed O’ Connor.

He mentioned that learning more about the qualities of products and knowing the costumers profile will led to a successful business. And, product advertisement plays a big role in business. “Advertising is not only popularizing the product but building relationship with the customers,” he added.

“In order to be profitable in a beekeeping business, dispose your honey product to customers who can pay the highest price. Remember that if your product is of high quality; don’t be afraid to sell it with a high price. Most successful business entails maximizing profit,” he said.

“A successful business meets the target sales and set objectives and an input has an output,” a participant explained when asked about success in his own understanding.

O’Connor highlighted that leadership is important in business. He said the three important attributes a leader should have is being an opportunity seeker, recognizing an entrepreneurial chance and exploits.

On the other hand, issues and problems in beekeeping industry were raised during the seminar. One of the participants said that their common problems in the apiary business are application of pesticides, no centralized market place for honey and lack of wax supplies.

However, Leopoldo Tagarino said that BSU is willing to help and seek solution to address these problems.

“Beekeeping should be far from farm environment in order for bees not to be infested. Environmental analysis should be considered. These involve finding suitable place for the business. If possible do not locate your business in farming areas and mining sites,” advised O’Connor.
Words of thanks

Furthermore, most of the participants said that the seminar helped them how to run a business. “Through the seminar I gained knowledge about beekeeping business because some of beekeepers shared some tips to consider about the business,” said one of the participants.

The participants also mentioned that developing a business plan really helps. “The seminar also served as an eye opener to some businessmen in beekeeping because we admit that we don’t make a business plan when we start our business,” they added.//Fredelyn Batay-an and Sarah Og-oget