Biology Department and YES spearhead Environmental Science Week

By upao - Posted on 19 November 2018


The CAS-Department of Biology and Young Environmentalists’ Society organized the Environmental Science Week from November 5-10, 2018 with the theme, “Less is the New More in BSU: Promoting Efficiency Towards Environmental Sustainability.”

The week began with the opening program on November 5, 2018 at the Strawberry Hall which featured lectures from Ar/EnP Ma. Jorquesa A. Hakcholna and Atty. Angelo Raymundo Q. Valencia. Their lectures focused on green structures and energy efficiency. Other activities included poster, slogan, photography and poetry competitions for students. Information, Education and Communication Campaign (IEC) materials regarding environmental sustainability were also distributed by the organizers.

Environment Management Bureau (EMB-CAR) regional director, Reynaldo Digamo graced the closing program held on November 10, 2018 at the SLS Covered Court. Digamo specified the use of plastic as an area where one could apply the concept of the Environmental Science Week’s theme.

“Consumers form the market’s core and that’s why the process of eliminating single-use plastics must begin with us. The most obvious and necessary solution to this is reusing. We must move back to a culture of reusable products or alternatives to plastics (steel, wood, clay), such that the amount of waste generated is minimized,” he said.

Digamo lamented that despite the ban on plastic use being implemented by Baguio City and La Trinidad, many still do not comply.

“This shows that innovative ecobag-designs such as the “bayong” must be encouraged.”

Digamo ended his speech by expressing his appreciation to the Biology Department and YES.

“The consequences of failing to sensibly and effectively manage the environment are profound and far-reaching. That is why your work as a whole is important- your commitment to protecting and enhancing our natural environment for the next generation, so they have a healthy and beautiful country in which to build their lives, is laudable. I commend you all who believe that attaining our fundamental rights entails clean air, healthy waters, resilient ecosystems, and an environment managed sustainably for the benefit of the people and planet,” he said.//JSTabangcura