Book launched to honor William D. Dar

By BSU UPAO - Posted on 28 April 2014


Dr. William D. Dar surrounded by colleagues and friends during the launching of a coffee table book honoring him on April 7, 2014 at the ATI-NTC-CAR.//Photo courtesy of ICT Division

Former colleagues and mentors came together in a coffee table-type commemorative book to honor William D. Dar.

The book titled “WDD, Hinirang na Anak ng Inang-Lupa” is a compilation of personal narrations from 35 people paying tribute to Dr. Dar.

“I believe in and agree to all the views and perceptions contained in this commemorative book. There could be no better way to express these amazing outpourings of deep respect, pride, and sincere gratitude for William—as a leader, a friend, a mentor, and an achiever.” These lines were part of the book’s foreword written by a former MSAC president and the first BSU president, Dr. Fortunato A. Battad.

The book was launched on April 7, 2014 at the Agricultural Training Institute inside the BSU Main campus. The launching was attended by the Honoree himself, Dr. William D. Dar, Director-General of the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), some members of the press, tribute writers, and some ICRISAT officials and staff who facilitated the conduct of a five-day national statistics training course for SUCs and government agencies engaged in agriculture.

Dr. Dar humbly and passionately recognized and thanked all the people present and otherwise who he had worked with in one way or the other.

“These people worked with me in different offices and in different capacities. In the process, they learned how to work with others, together as a team. I hope that they considered that part of the journey that we had very beneficial in what they do today,” said Dr. Dar.

Dr. Dar started as a faculty member of BSU and rose to the ranks Professor VI and was designated as Vice-President for Research and Extension. Before he joined ICRISAT, which he now serves for 14 years, he was with the cabinet of President Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada as the Presidential Adviser with a cabinet rank for Rural Development after serving as the Department of Agriculture Secretary.
An avid promoter of ‘Science with a Human Face’, which he himself initiated and launched, Dr. Dar continues to innovate his ways of serving people through agriculture. Very recently, he founded the Inanglupa Movement, a social crusade for a science-based, climate smart, and competitive Philippine agriculture for the empowerment of Filipinos especially the smallholder farmers. The movement presents a formula for the New Philippine Agriculture 2020 and advocates natural resource management, championing appropriate policies, knowledge and information sharing, building climate-smart communities, inclusive market-oriented agriculture, environmental protection, and education or capacity building.

“Yes, the time has come to serve the country again, to give back what is due Lupang Hinirang. Comes December this year, I will be completing the three terms of 15 years entrusted to me with ICRISAT. And my consistent reply when asked if after this year at ICRISAT I would accept any responsibilities outside the Philippines, is “It’s payback time! Yes! I am coming home to Inanglupa to serve,” shared Dr. Dar.//