Bridging program gears up ESGP-PA grantees

By BSU UPAO - Posted on 23 May 2014

Aimed at contributing to the poverty alleviation measures, the Office of Student Services (OSS) conducted an orientation seminar as a prelude to the month-long Bridging Program of Expanded Student Grants-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (ESGP-PA) for all the recipients on May 6 at BSU Gymnasium. This gesture would increase the number of graduates in higher education among poor households and improve the total of those employed in high value jobs. Both the recipients and their parents were required to attend the one-day preliminary activity. The ESGP-PA will end on June 7.

According to Maricris P. Lad-ey, head of BSU-OSS Guidance and Counseling Unit, the purpose of the bridging program is to assist the students in their remedial classes while inside the campus.

“The bridging program gives the grantees an overview of student`s college life and to prepare them for their courses they decided to take up. Likewise, this will serve as an avenue for the OSS to monitor the characters and attitudes of the grantees,”Lad-ey added.

Furthermore, there are approximately 257 ESGP-PA slots for BSU student for the second batch of the program. “In the state colleges and universities in Cordillera, BSU received the highest number of slots,” said Mr. Rex Bate, a representative from the Department of Social Welfare and Development-CAR (DSWD-CAR). Bate stressed that the ESGP-PA program is not a scholarship but a grant because no maintaining grade is required.

Moreover, as shared by Mr. Bate, the ESGP-PA is a joint initiative of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Department of Budget Management (DBM), Philippine Association of State University and Colleges (PASUC), DSWD, and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Through this program, the vicious poverty cycle could be broken and the deserving Filipino youth and their families may be able to attain quality education that will improve and uplift lives.

Further, Mursha D.Gapasin, head of the OSS Scholarship and Grant Unit, said, “while the bridging program is ongoing, the food and accommodation of the grantees will be provided.”

“The grantees should not rely on the remedial classes conducted by the school. Instead, they should focus on their studies. We, as parents, would be happy and thankful if our children would finish their studies on time”, stressed one of the parents during the orientation.//Batay-an F., Og-oget S., Songaben M.