BSU-CCA’s “Boka Id Kayos” educates audience on Igorot’s resistance to colonizers

By upao - Posted on 29 May 2019


The historical play, “Boka Id Kayos (Escape from Kayos)…Igorot’s Resistance to Spanish Colony” was successfully staged on May 3, 2019 at the BSU Gymnasium. There were 1,200 students and people from the general public who came to see the play.

The story revolved around a group from Abra, Benguet and Mt. Province during the Spanish colonial period who, under the cruelty of Spanish soldiers, decided to poison and stone them then escape. This happened in a place called Kayos in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur. The actors who belong to the various performing arts groups of the BSU-Center for Culture and the Arts were trained by Rev. Ventura Bitot who wrote the story and directed the play.

Despite unforeseen glitches on the lights, sounds and visual aids, the audience gave rave reviews on the feedback forms. The audience appreciated the effort and skills of the actors describing them as creative, enthusiastic and energetic.

Assistant Director and Dramatics Adviser, Matyline Camfili-Talastas believes that reliving the story though a stage play would capture and raise the awareness of students and the wider audience on some important Cordillera his and herstory which are not available in textbooks. Rev. Bitot shared that until today, the story is recounted in rituals and prayers during the Begnas, an agricultural thanksgiving festival held before harvesting rice.

“We have a rich history and culture. Kudos to performances like this for making us remember who we are,” said one viewer. A grade 7 student added that he felt blessed for having the opportunity to watch such play. Most of those who gave feedback expressed how proud they became of their heritage.
Talastas is hopeful that the staging of the play will not be the first and last. She shared that the production of the play also became a venue for the BSU-CCA family to boost their confidence and to get to know each other better.//JSTabangcura