BSU celebrates 33rdCharter Anniversary

By upao - Posted on 07 February 2019

BSU paid tribute to its 33 years of existence as a University through an ecumenical service and programs held on January 30, 2018. The Charter Celebration Program in the University gym served as a venue for the recognition of former members of the BSU Board of Regents and the awarding of Loyalty Service to employees.

The ecumenical and thanksgiving service was once again officiated by the clergy of the La Trinidad Ecumenical Council of Churches or LTECC. The service was led by current LTECC President, Rev. Esther K. Balawag who share God’s message on gratitude and generosity.

The Charter Celebration program was graced by former BSU presidents including Dr. Cipriano C. Consolacion, Dr. Rogelio D. Colting and Dr. Ben D. Ladilad as well as representatives of BSU partner agencies and institutions. Among them are Benguet Governor, Hon. Crescencio C. Pacalso who expressed his appreciation to BSU.

“We’re so proud of the achievements of the school not only in the region, in the nation but also (its) international achievements. We are also happy for our students making good in their licensure examinations,” he said.

Former Regents recognized

Hon. Ryan C. Guinaran, Hon. Arnel Billy G. Lim, Hon. Anna Liza B. Gonzales, Hon. Ann K. Hofer and Hon. Victor B. Mariano were given Plaques of Recognition by University officials after their service as members of the Board of Regents ( BOR), the highest decision-making body of BSU.

In response to the award, Hon. Arnel Billy G. Lim who represented students in the BOR shared that he learned about teamwork as well as how to be independent and responsible in BSU. He later focused on whether BSU is indeed, a student-centered institution.

Lim expounded that BSU may be student-centered because it has policies that support student welfare, programs that help holistic growth of students, learning facilities and infrastructure that caters to the learning process. As examples, Lim cited the University core values which included the words “student-centered”, the increased wage for student assistants,the recent inclusion of a student representative in the administrative council, student congresses, intramurals and the University library.

But are these enough to make BSU student-centered? The former student regent thinks BSU needs to do more.

“As an alumnus, I believe that we can achieve this (being student-centered) by involving students in our processes more than what we are doing right now. If we start to look at students as partners and not as mere clients then we can easily achieve the title as a student-centered institution,” he added.

Lim ended his response by urging University constituents to come up with definite guidelines or indicators to measure how student-centered BSU is in line with its vision of becoming a premier University delivering world-class education that promotes sustainable development amidst climate change.

Civil Service Commission lauds BSU employee learning and development efforts

Officials of the Civil Service Commission-CAR led by their director, Atty. Marilyn E. Taldo handed a certificate of recognition to BSU during the Loyalty Service Awarding program for reaching Maturity Level 2 of the PRIME-HRM systems and competencies in learning and development.

PRIME –HRM stands for Program to Institutionalized Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management. This, according to Atty. Taldo serves as a guide among government agencies in transforming every government employee into a lingkod bayani.

“On July 17-19, 2018, the CSC-CAR conducted an on-site assessment to determine the readiness of Benguet State University to be confirmed the PRIME HRM award based on the enhanced indicators (prescribed by CSC Memorandum Circular No. 13, s. 2014). Benguet State University was found to have achieved Prime HRM Maturity level 2 on both systems and competencies of the enhanced PRIME-HRM maturity indicators in learning and development and the first state university to have achieved this award (in CAR),” Atty. Taldo announced.

BSU through the Human Resource Development Office (HRDO) had to meet a total of 14 indicators encompassing policies, structure and roles, review mechanisms, use of technology, development, delivery and learning service provider management.

According to Raymundo H. Pawid of the HRDO, the award is a result of the concerted efforts of all BSU stakeholders and most of all, the acceptance and participation of BSU employees.

“Ang nangyayari ngayon ay they (BSU employees) are more proactive now in seeking their own learning and development. HRDO’s role is now more on trying to provide the others that they could not meet on their own especially on the competencies that they have to develop,” said Pawid.

There are four categories of target competencies for learning and development as prescribed by the PRIME-HRM. These are the core, organizational, leadership and functional/technical competencies. Under the core competencies are self-management, technical and people skills; the organizational competencies includes social responsiveness, team player, research orientedness, inclusiveness, values driven and excellent workmanship; the leadership competencies includes systems thinking strategic and creative, engaging stakeholders in leading change, robust building of network/partnership, values performance and coaching and enabling a high performing organization; functional/technical competencies refer to the knowledge, skills and attitude relevant to the function of the employee concerned.

Based on these, HRDO guides and supports each employee in selecting their learning and development activities to ensure that these are relevant.

Pawid hopes that the University meets the Level 3 maturity level indicators in the future once a competency based policy in learning and development would be implemented and level 4 if BSU would have a fully functional Learning and Development Center catering to Human Resources Competency Development within and outside BSU.

107 employees are loyalty awardees

A total of 107 employees received their Loyalty Service Awards on January 30, 2019. There were 28 employees who received their 10 years in service award, 20 employees received their 15 years in service award, 23 received their 20 years in service award, five received their 25 years in service award, eight received their 30 years in service award, 19 received their 35 years in service award, and four received their 40 years in service award. In his opening remarks, VP for Administration and Finance, Dr. John James F. Malamug said that there are many things to learn from the awardees.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dominador S. Garin who received his 40 years in service award shared his realizations from talking to fellow awardees and employees on why they chose to stay in BSU. These reasons included good relations with colleagues, financial gain and stability, and opportunities for self-development, good working environment and even the awarding ceremony itself. Dr. Garin quoted one of his colleagues who said that as he is still alive, he is obliged to work around BSU’s programs.

“This is like saying, connect the dots between the individual’s roles and the goals of the organization, when people see that connection, they get a lot of energy. In conclusion, we are an academic institution, our main object of attention and consideration are supposed to be are our students in the case of the teachers and the clienteles of the varied sectors for the non-teaching staff, but even then, let academic excellence be our guiding post. The new era needs new models and strategies to attain that academic excellence”

Dr. Garin ended by encouraging his fellow awardees. “It all depends on us now, the desire to bring to life something innovative and useful. If you understand your task, be confident that the next several years your performance will pass excellence. Of course, commitment will not be easy, neither enough; however, success makes sacrifices worthwhile.”//JSTabangcura