BSU concludes 2019 school year in Commencement Exercises; class valedictorian likens graduation to end of war

By upao - Posted on 25 June 2019


A total of 1,697 students from BSU La Trinidad, Bokod and Buguias were confirmed as graduates during the Commencement Exercises held on June 17, 2019 at BSU Bokod, June 19, 2019 at BSU La Trinidad and June 20, 2019 at BSU Buguias.

In La Trinidad, the most number of graduates come from the College of Teacher Education followed by the College of Agriculture and the College of Home Economics and Technology. The class of 2019 boasts of one magna cum laude graduate, 82 cum laude graduates and three special awardees for academic excellence. Out of the 82 cum laude, five are from BSU Buguias and two are from BSU Bokod.

The lone magna cum laude, Daniel Jr. S. Balbin who finished Bachelor in Library and Information Science, delivered his valedictory speech in the afternoon program of BSU La Trinidad’s 94th Commencement Exercises.
Balbin compared the Commencement Exercise with the end of World War I.

“We charged to the same war, but we fought our own battles.You might be saying it was absurd of me comparing a tragic part of our history to our success story. I would like you to know that if we are expecting that the best is yet to come, it pays to know that we are also expecting that there are worst things to happen. Nobody knows what is going to happen after this. But I know outside this venue awaits a new journey, a new battlefield for all of us to face. Now it’s up to you my fellow graduates how or when you will face it. But what’s important is we will all definitely take on the challenge head on…but don’t be anxious. And don’t worry for I know that our college journey prepared us for tomorrow’s challenges, BSU accepted us and gave us the chance to become better versions of ourselves,” he began.

Balbin went on to acknowledge his instructors and described them as competent, understanding, patient and considerate. Next, he recognized the ‘significant people seated on the bleachers’ who are the parents or guardians of the graduates.

“They are on our side, literally and figuratively. They have done a lot of hard work to provide our needs and they have made a lot of sacrifices to support our education. We never asked them to do this but they pledged to give their all whatever it takes.

He gave a special mention to the University Library as well.

“I listed a lot of reasons why Benguet State University gave us a jumpstart to life, and the BSU Library and Information Services is one of them. Some of us couldn’t afford books for academics and for our researches, some of us are not as computer literate as others, some of us need a space to breathe sometimes and we are thankful to the library for being always available to us.”

He also thanked God for His guidance and reminded his fellow graduates to keep someone by their side by treating them well so that ‘no matter how small we succeed or how big we fail, someone would give the support we need.’

“Employment may or may not be our next journey, but wherever we go we will always remember that our name is not only what is at stake, we promise, as a way of giving back, to make you proud and continue becoming assets of the community and builders of a stronger nation. We will show them that we are not just simply graduates, we are Benguet State University graduates. We will show them that we are proud state scholars, with skills and knowledge, globally competent and most importantly, ready to conquer heights.//JSTabangcura