BSU delegates scores 37 medals at ASCU-SN Summer Olympics 2019

By upao - Posted on 29 May 2019


146 employee-athletes braved the 38°C average temperature and represented BSU in various events in the Association of State Colleges and Universities- Solid North (ASCU-SN) Summer Olympics.This year, the said Olympics was hosted by the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) in Batac City, Ilocos Norte from May 6-10, 2019. A total of 23 ASCU-SN members joined this year with 2,000+delegates as announced by the host university.

The ranks of BSU delegates in their respective events are as follows: 4thplace, basketball men, 45 below, Almon Bokilis, Jopher Galian, Mark Gay-as, Kenwal Galian, Marlon Tabdi, Arvin Hilario, Marlon Villafuerte, Ederson Bawang and Rex John Bawang; 3rd place, basketball men, 46 above, Sammy Sibayan, Joseph Bugnadon, Clemente Dogyang, Andrew Del-ong, Freddie Acwadey, Garcia Tabdi, Florendo Comila, Amorsolo Cuilan, Nestor Pilayan and Levi Selosa; 2nd place, mixed softball, Silvestre K. Aben, Bryant Botengan, John Botengan, Ricky Calbayan, Imelda Fang-asan, Dominador Garin, Phoebe Lozano, Eduardo Naoe, Harland Pawid, Nelson Politchay, Kate Samuel and Rozsi Tobias; 1st place, futsal, Clejei Dogyang, Elmer Pulgue, Ricky Polilen, Gideon Ulban, Caesar Balacwid, Edward Magalgalit and Marlon Tabdi; 2nd place, badminton, men, 45 below, Carlo Madino; 3rd place, badminton, women, 45 below, Debbie Paza; 1st place, darts, men, singles, Nelson Politchay; 3rd place, darts, men, singles; 4th place, darts, men, singles; 4th place, darts, men, doubles, Politchay and Franzo Fatog; 1st place, women, doubles, Rachel Kiong and Donna Claire Colinang; 2nd place, table tennis, women, 46 above, Shirley Lamsis; 3rd place, women, doubles, 45 below, Adelaida Dao-ines and Janice Buya-an; 3rd place, table tennis, men, 46 above, Gregorio Taag and Leonardo Samonte; 2nd place, chess, men, Genaro Macasieb, Leonardo Dumalhin, Carlos Mama-o, Stanley Anongos and Charlie Dagwasi; 4th place, chess, women, Jingle Cuevas and Liezl Villagracia; 1st place, shotput, men 50 above, Tito Lawana; 3rd place, shotput, men 50 above, Christopher Deponio; 4th place, shotput men, 49 below, Milton Delmas; 2nd place, shotput women, 49 below, Brigida Bensosan; 4th place, shotput women, 49 below, Elizabeth Masado; 2nd place, 4x100 meter relay, men, 50 above, Antonio Binay-an, Christopher Deponio, Edward Edio, Raymondo Awas; 4th place, 4x100 meter relay, men, 49 below, Monroe Binay-an, Hilario, Oliver Dominguez, Kalvin Jake Awas; 1st place, 4x100meter relay, women, 50 above, Martina Deponio, Mary Jane Padon, Imelda Fang-asan, Estela Kigangan; 2nd place, 4x100 meter relay, women, 49 below, Freda Kate Samuel, Analiza Algate, Elizabeth Dom-ogen, Brigida Bensosan; 3rd place 100m run, men, 20-30 years old; 2nd place, 100m run, men, 50 above; 1st place, 100m run, women 31-40 years old, Kate Samuel; 4th place, 100m run, women 31-40 years old; Dom-ogen; 3rd place, 100m run women, 50 above, Martina Deponio; 4th place, 100m run women, 50 above, Imelda Fang-asan; 3rd place, fun run, 3k, men, Andres Padon; 4th place, fun run, 3k, men, Dayap; 4th place, fun run, 4k, men; 4th place, fun run, 5k, men; 2nd place, fun run, 5k, women, Dayao; and 4th place, fun run, 5k, women, Elizabeth Masado.

The Search for Mr. and Ms. ASCU-SN as well as the pop dance, Pinoy Chacha and musical competitions were held on May 8, 2019 during the Solidarity and Governor’s Night. This was attended by presidents of the ASCU-SN members and Batac City Representative, Hon. Imelda R. Marcos. BSU candidate, Doms Abad won the Mr. ASCU-SN 2019 title.

As the annual tradition symbolizes friendship and camaraderie, the delegates were welcomed through an opening program on May 7, 2019 filled with gestures such as the march of flags, lighting of the torch and the oath of sportsmanship. Participants also witnessed the turn-over rites of the ASCU-SN presidency from Dr. Eduardo Bagtang of Kalinga State University (KSU) to Dr. Shirley Agrupis of MMSU.

Dr. Agrupis hoped that ASCU-SN continues to be ‘solid’.

“I heard that we have more participants this year than last year in BSU. I am not saying this because last year BSU is the host and now we are here in MMSU. I am saying this because in order to call ourselves ‘solid’ we should empower ourselves by numbers and I hope that next year and the years that follow, there will be more participants,” said Dr. Agrupis.//JSTabangcura