BSU-ELS holds first PTA meeting for SY 2017 - 2018

By BSU UPAO - Posted on 05 December 2017


//photo courtesy of Analyn B. Garcilian

The sun began to warm the chilly morning spreading its rays to every nook and cranny of the covered court of the BSU-ELS. The well-arranged Monobloc chairs were not spared.The high roof made of corrugated iron sheets could not save them from the sun’s rays.

A handful of parents and teachers was early that morning on October 7, 2017 making last few touches. Some of them seated sparsely on the Monobloc chairs. Minutes passed by when what seemed to be trickles of parents and teachers arriving had become droves swarming the registration area. Silence was overwhelmed with ramblings. Chaos of conversations ensued. It meant only one thing: they were ready.

Everything was set. Everyone was settled. The officers were informed that the guest speaker would be late. They reckoned the PTA General Assembly meeting had to start. So they did.

Mrs. May Nayda Lesino, the outgoing President warmly welcomed everyone. She explained how she became President and presented the challenges of being one. She was reluctant to accept the role initially because she felt that she was not ready. Eventually, she succumbed and did her job as President the way she knew how. She was met with great challenges not only as an officer but as a mother, too. With the help of the other officers, she faced those challenges with tenacity, her youngest child in tow.

As what would normally be in a meeting, various reports were presented. The emcee and outgoing PTA Treasurer, Mrs. Winnie Longboan took control of the proceedings and called those involved to present their reports one at a time. Mrs. Rowena Mamangon, Grade 3-R Adviser presented the school updates which included the number of enrollees, the achievements of the students in sports, the various school activities, and the teachers’ accomplishments.Outgoing Secretary, Mrs. Kathleen Grande reported the PTA Officers’ accomplishments such as the procurement of 50 black Monobloc chairs and a sound system, the installation of the badminton pole, the completed construction of the two gazebos, and the renovation of the school stage. Mrs. Jane Baliag, the outgoing Treasurer also presented the PTA’s Statement of Account for the school year which was ready for turn-over while Mrs. Lesino and Mrs. Carina Coyang, HR, II-R re-echoed the rights and responsibilities of parents and teachers that both attended at the DSWD.

For entertainment before the election of new set of officers for the 2017 – 2018 School Year, Mrs. Coyang rendered her favorite gospel song that everyone enjoyed.

The following outgoing officers: President – Mrs. May NaydaLesino; Secretary – Mrs. Kathleen Grande; Asst. Secretary – Mrs. Rachel Maguen; Treasurer – Mrs. Jane Baliag; Asst. Treasurer – Mrs. Sheryl Pino; Auditor – Winnie Longboan; PRO – Mrs. AnalynGarcilian; Business Managers – Mr. Robert Apilado and Mr. Nobel Cabinta; Sgt. At Arms – Mr. Sano Ngiwas and Mr. Darius Jalon, were happy to have served as manifested in their accomplishments.

The moment had arrived

As with most elections of PTA officers, it was met with reluctance. The movants would always be eager. The nominees would resist with few successes but most would be in vain. They had no other choice but to accept their nomination and to hope they would lose. The election went smoothly and successfully under the leadership of Mrs. Lesino whom stood her ground and assured the election went on track. The PTA elected its officers as follows: President - Mr. Robert Apilado; Vice President - Mr. Jose Mateo; Secretary - Mrs. Jenny Mateo; Asst. Secretary - Mrs. Rachel Maguen; Treasurer - Mrs. Dona Romiscal; Asst. Treasurer - Mrs. ArcyLazo; Auditor - Mrs. Kathleen Grande; PRO - Mrs. Carina Coyang; Business Managers - Mr. Nobel Cabinta and Mrs. Daphne Cario; Sgt.-at-Arms - Mr. Dennis Oakes and Mr. Frank Sucdad.

They were inducted thereafter as led by Dr. Marcelina L. Bolona, Ed. D, and Chairman of BSU Elementary Department.

Adhering to his new duty and responsibility as the newly installed PTA President,Mr. Robert Apilado appealed for full support from the parents and teachers that comprise the PTA.

Organizations are quite complex and dynamic complete with their own demographics such as culture, human behavior, income among others. While others succeed, others fail. Much is bestowed upon their officers as leaders but no matter how willing and eager the officers are to serve, the full support and cooperation of those they serve play a major role in the success of the organization. The PTA is such an organization, but it has its most important beneficiary: the students.Indeed, parents and teachers shall be actively involved in their children’s school affairs becausein the words of Mrs. Lesino during her welcome address, “A strong PTA represents parent involvement and parent involvement encourages students’ success.”//ABGarcilian