BSU Envi Sci prof bags Best Paper Award in int’l conference

By BSU UPAO - Posted on 14 November 2017

Verna Duque-Lacanlale, an Instructor of Benguet State University ( BSU) College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) won the Best Paper Award during the 10th International Conference and Scientific Meeting for her paper titled, “Mapping the Capacity of Flow of Key Provisioning Services: An Approach to Experimental Ecosystem Accounting of Southern Palawan” at Tarlac Agricultural University on October 24-26, 2017.

Duque-Lacanlale’s research on Experimental Ecosystem Accounting of Pulot, Palawan started in April 2014 until January 2015 and is funded by the European Commission. The research aimed to develop a partial ecosystem account and map of key provisioning services for the sustainable use of ecosystems.

According to Duque-Lacanlale, the Ecosystem Accounting resulted to a model of an ecosystem wherein rice, coconut, and palm are viable for production in the area of Pulot, Palawan. Through mapping tools and models, Duque-Lacanlale was able to account the ecosystem of the area. She also measured the availability of water resource for the crops.

Accordingly, an ecosystem is a community of living organisms interacting as a system wherein humans can derive benefits. Duque-Lacanlale also said that one can identify an ecosystem through the Ecosystem Accounting.

“Of course we could not protect our environment without measuring it,” explained Duque-Lacanlale in her rationale why she plotted an Ecosystem Accounting.

She said that the Ecosystem Accounting model that she developed is for the use of the Palawan Local Government Unit (LGU). Duque-Lacanlale also said that the paper can be utilized all around the country since rice is one of the Philippines’ major crop and the Philippines is the second largest exporter of coconut.

“During the last day, there are a lot of good papers. I know I wouldn’t stand a chance,” expressed Duque-Lacanlale in her experience at the conference. She added that out of 150 papers, only 75 were chosen and she did not expect that her paper was one of them.

Duque-Lacanlale is currently looking for international and national science journals to publish her work. She is currently an instructor for Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science.//MDPenchog