BSU reaches 31st year as a University

By jtabangcura - Posted on 04 February 2017


Thirty one years ago, on January 12, 1986, the Mountain State Agricultural College became Benguet State University by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 2010. The University commemorated this day through a series of activities on January 31, 2017 which includes an Ecumenical Eucharistic Thanksgiving Celebration followed by the Charter Day Program, Recognition of Loyalty Service Awardees and Salamat, Mabuhay Program for the retirees.


BSU Family come together in thanksgiving

The La Trinidad Ecumenical Council of Churches (LTECC) officiated The Ecumenical Eucharistic Thanksgiving Celebration. This celebration focused on thanksgiving and unity. Representatives of the LTECC present are Rev. Fr. Joseph Dawang, Rev. Fr. Nestor Poltic, Very Rev. Fr. Genesis Mark Langbao and Rev. Fr. Agustin Lizardo III of the Episcopal Church of the Philippines, Rev. Fr. Paulino Sarac of the Roman Catholic Church, Ptr. Sam Galino of the Church of Nazarene, Ptr. Ariel Udacion of the Wesleyan Church, Rev. Dennis Alida of the Lutheran Church, Rev. Esther Kayat-Balawag of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, Rev. Felix Yango Jr. of the Baptist Church and Rev. Walter Caput of the Assembly of God.

In his homily, Very Rev. Langbao inspired BSU constituents to give thanks even after the activities or programs to commemorate the Charter Day and to give thanks despite failures and problems.

Proud child of BSU graces event

BSU President, Dr. Feliciano G. Calora, Jr. and VP for Business Affairs, Dr. Silver K. Aben hands a plaque of appreciation to Charter Day Program keynote speaker, Mr. Abner O. Lawangen on January 31, 2017

For the Charter Day Program, Mr. Abner K. Lawangen was invited to be the keynote speaker. He described himself as one of the proud children of BSU. Lawangen graduated from the University in 2006 with the degree Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science major in Resource Management.

“As an alumnus, I feel proud of being part of our Alma Mater’s Charter Day Celebration! I stand with all the children of Benguet State University in commemorating the continuing commitment of our school, in moulding individuals to become rightful assets of the society. We are witnesses, to the growth and development that BSU underwent – from a rural agricultural school to a competent university today. Its road of transformation is very tough, but we are grateful to the brilliant and visionary minds who positively projected its extraordinary growth and who laid its developmental blue print,” he said in his speech.

Lawangen recently received the Dangal ng Bayan Award in 2016 for setting up Disaster Risk Reduction Management programs and engaging indigenous communities in disaster preparedness. He is the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer of the Municipality of Tublay, Benguet.

He ended his speech by sending out a message to BSU graduates who are looking for jobs.

“Find your passion and your core strength. Find the job that suits what you love, find where you can grow and develop. Have the imaginative mind to foretell what you will be in your workplace, what you will have not only in terms of the physical and financial compensation but the satisfaction and fulfilment you will gain from doing the things you love. To all children of BSU find the resources and the skills needed to turn your brilliant ideas into actions.”

Former members of the BSU Board of Regents were also recognized during the program which includes past BSU President, Dr. Ben D. Ladilad, Student Regents Norrel Osting, Ruth Eteng and Mark Mackay.

The program was attended by Engr. Alfonso T. Lao representing Senator Bam Aquino who chairs the Senate Committee on Education; La Trinidad Mayor, Hon. Romeo K. Salda; Department of Agriculture-CAR Regional Director, Dr. Lorenzo Caranguian; Department of Interior and Local Government-Benguet Field Office Director, Rufina T. Fegcan; Ma. Gerladine F. Casipit of the Commission on Higher Education-CAR; Julieta B. Aban of the Department of the Department of Public Works and Highways-CAR; Analyn Garcillian of the BSU Multipurpose Cooperative; Dr. Nancy A. Bantog the Department of Science and Technology-CAR; Cecille Aguilan Basawil of Department of Social Welfare and Development-Car; Marilyn Dizon of PhilHealth-Benguet; Manuel G. Vergara of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority-Benguet; Romangelli P. Donzo of the Government Service Insurance System-Baguio Branch; members of the BSU Retirees Association; and BSU officials, faculty, staff, retirees and students led by President Feliciano G. Calora Jr.

University honors service, commitment and loyalty of employees

BSU top officials with the 40-year service awardees and the retirees who were honored on January 31, 2017.

In the afternoon of January 31, 2017, there were 18 retirees and 95 employees who received their loyalty awards for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service to the University.
The honorees were entertained by the Highland Cultural Dance Troupe, Lowland Cultural Dance Troupe and the BSU Glee Club.

“While you are serving the University in various capacities, in one way or the other, you are contributing to its development,” Dr. Feliciano G. Calora, Jr. ,BSU president said as he thanked the retirees for their service, commitment and loyalty.

He also invited the retirees and service awardees to always look at the big picture that their small roles will actually lead to the development of a stronger University.

In response, Dr. Sonwright B. Maddul, a 40 year loyalty awardee reminisced his years in the University and likewise thanked the University, its past and present leaders for grooming him into becoming a leader as well.

For the retirees, Dr. Silvestre L. Kudan , a former professor and Director of Extension Services gave a heartfelt message for BSU.

“We are grateful for our father in heaven who allowed us to reach this day to allow us to attend this program intended for us retirees. Thank you for recognizing our little contributions to our University. We the 18 retirees in 2016 are also grateful to our University for employing us to work in the different units where our services were needed. In every turn we were compensated for our bread and tea thus we were able to support our families. The University also gave us opportunities to train and visit other countries thus expanding our horizons in life.”

The 10-year service awardees include Johnabel T. Basatan, Yvonne D. Bolayo, Remegio T. Calayan, Ricky C. Calbayan, Edlyn Mae N. Ciano, Daisy G. Del Rosario, Renante C. Estera, Ramon C. Fingaan Jr., Editha A. Grande, Adamson N. Labi, Andres Arnold W. Lampacan, Oliver C. Malafu, Melody P. Marchewka, Elizabeth M. Masado, Noel S. Pariñas, Chrisando P. Paza, Sagayo C. Sagongen, Nomar A. Simeon and Jojo N. Tero. The 15-year service awardees are Agrepina G. Aludos, Jaime N. Antonio, Reymondo W. Awas, Bryan C. Bangnan, Chrisanto P. Basquial, Rex John G. Bawang, Leila P. Buloguey, Mary Rose B. Catapang, Eleazaar C. Cirilo, Aurora S. Cuyan, Agustin D. David Jr., Terrilyn G. Dontogan, Lauren P. Kipaan, Cynthia T. Lubiton, Perlita B. Manodon, Frevy T. Orencia, Josie A. Pulgue, Marjorie C. Ricardo, Arnold R. Rosario, Marycel T. Sajise, Clyde A. Senti, Emilio P. Siso Jr., Penelope F. Tica-a and Dominga S. Tomas. The 20-year service awardees are Stanley F. Anongos Jr., Martina A. Deponio, Kenneth A. Laruan, Aida P. Laweng, Harland Gary B. Pawid, Jean Jannette D. Sibayan, Gregorio C. Taag and Jimmy A. Wakat. The 25-year service awardees are Estrellita M. Daclan, Joel C. Dicksen, Clemente S. Dogyang, Ma. Azucena B. Lubrica, Serano L. Oryan and Severino B. Wales Jr. The 30-year service awardees are Pedro B. Abalos Jr., Elizabeth M. Bay-an, Diego D. Bulangen, Mandy K. Catalino, Merville Gene L. Luzadas and Thomas P. Masillem. The 35-year service awardees are Rufina L. Apayew, Emeliano L. Augusto, Melecio A. Balangen, Anna D. Bestre, John P. Botengan Jr., Dolora D. Buliyat, Rosemary B. Chamos, Evangeline B. Cungihan, Emilia F. Dayap, Pedro Y. Decina, Lino C. Diclas, Pedro G. Dinulong, Helen S. Fernando, Fernando R. Gonzales, Linda P. Goygoyan, Carlito P. Laurean, Guilita L. Lumedio, Valentino L. Macanes, Genaro W. Macasieb Jr., Victoria C. Milo, Asuncion L. Nagpala, Magdalena D. Pandosen, Armando P. Pasaoa, Jocelyn C. Perez, Mary Joy S. Rapuso, Aurea Marie M. Sandoval and Leonila R. Sito. The 40-year service awardees are Sansera B. Bodia, Pacita B. Boyagao, Sonwright B. Maddul, Canuto S. Paran and Manuelito Z. Tirazona.

The retirees are Virginia J. Kebeng, 44 years of service; Erma K. Mamaril, 41 years; Luciana M. Villanueva, 40 years; Eulogio V. Cardona Jr., 40 years; Loreta W. Saro, 39 years; Jose G. Balaoing, 37 years; Maria R. Vasquez, 37 years; Jaime J. Ganaden, 37 years; Norma S. Mayos, 37 years; Silvestre L. Kudan, 34 years; Leopoldo N. Tagarino, 34 years; Antonia S. Diansen, 34 years; Maria Ana C. Tanyag, 34 years; Moreno P. Lopez, 28 years; Maria Luisa C. Utsig, 28 years; Aida B. Camsol, 27 years; Editha Fernandez, 26 years and Rita P. Bumatay, 17 years.