BSU researchers present 126 studies in agency in-house review, encouraged for wide dissemination

By BSU UPAO - Posted on 14 August 2017


A total of 126 oral presentations were presented during the two- day review for technical and social researches.

“What is next after your significant presentations?”

Dr. Constantino T. Sudaypan, Director of Extension Services remarked in closing to the presenters of the BSU Agency In-house Review (AIHR) conducted at Igorota hall Northern Philippine Root Crops Research and Training Center (NPRCRTC) on August 9 and 10, 2017.

Sudaypan invited the researchers of the university who completed their studies particularly on technical research to be part of the technology caravan being implemented by the office extension services.

“We will always be inviting you researches and staff to take part along with this technology caravan, ta apan tayun to ilako dagita laing nga pinarwaryo kadagiyay communities, (so we we can go and share the knowledge that we have to the communities)” Sudaypan said.

As a rejoinder, Dr. Carlito P. Laurean, Vice President for Research and Extension further announced during the closing program that a proposal has been made for a wide dissemination of the researches of the University in a regional level.. The proposal aims to commercialize the researches of the University to the farmers in partnership with the provinces in the region.

A total of 126 oral presentations were presented during the two- day review for technical and social researches.

Panelists for the said AIHR 2017 included Dr. Dante M. Aquino, Director for Research and Development-Isabela State University; Dr.Teodora D. Balangcod, Professor, Department of Biology- UP Baguio; Dr. Nancy A. Bantog, Assistant Regional Director, DOST-CAR; Hon. Marvin S. Chagyo, President BSU Alumni Association Inc.; Dr.Teresita K. Mangili, Regional Technology Transfer Cluster Coordinator BSU-HAARRDEC; Dr. Juliet M. Ochasan, Supervising Agriculturist Bureau of Plant Industry- Baguio National Crop Research Development Center (BPI-BNCRDC) CAR; Dr. Roberto C. Pagulayan, Professor of Biology and Executive Director, Center for Research and Development CHED- HERRC Director; Dr. Roel R. Suralta, DOST Career Scientist 1;Dr. Florida P. Faculo, Independent GAD Cosultant Philippine Commission on Women; Dr. Perfecto M. Lopez, Vice President for Administration Baguio Central University; Dr.Marilou P. Lucas, Director for Research and Development- Mariano Marcos State University; Dr. Felix M. Mercado Program Director- Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation; Dr. Maria Excelsis M. Orden, Director of Research Office- Central Luzon State University and Dr. Lloyd V. Oduna, Cordillera Regional Health Research & Development Consortium- University of Baguio.