BSU strawberry products promote local berry industry

By upao - Posted on 22 March 2017


“BSU promotes the local strawberry industry through the production of processed strawberry products”, said Hilda L. Quindara, Manager of the BSU Food Processing Center.

The BSU Food Processing Center produces a variety of strawberry products such as jams, spreads, Choco berry and strawberry tart. Tons of fresh strawberries delivered to the center from the Swamp area produces 500-1,000 bottles of strawberry jams.

Quindara explained that BSU strawberry products are different because they use pure strawberry, there are no preservatives and extenders added. Likewise, there is only one production process followed through the years. “A change in the process may change the products’ quality,” added Quindara.

BSU strawberry products are available at the University Marketing Center. Strawberries are one of the most popular fruit grown in La Trinidad, Benguet and Baguio City. They bear fruits in December and may last up to May depending on weather conditions. The peak of harvest is during months of February to April. However, as soon as the rain starts, the volume of harvest starts to decline.//Joy Ann Posayen (BSDC Intern)