BSU students prevail in various tilts

By upao - Posted on 20 March 2018

Benguet State University (BSU) continues its advancement towards student competitiveness. This was proven by athletes who won medals in the Baguio-Benguet Athletic League (BBEAL) and Mountain Collegian (MC) members who won awards from the 17th Luzon Higher Education Press Conference.

University athletes snatch BBEAL medals

On the 31st season, 2nd Phase of the BBEAL held on March 10-11, 2018, BSU athletes earned the softball women and football championships while they ranked third in athletics.

“We were not aiming for the victory instead we were doing our very best to play and enjoy the game. Winning is a process. We don’t always win because there is a right time for winning,” shared Bregie Mae Attiw, designated hitter of the BSU football women team.

The game ended when their pitcher, Corina Liwan, hit home run for the BSU team. According to Attiw, all the players trained well and did their best.

“Although we experienced a lot of misunderstandings, I just tell them to leave it to me and give their confidence. So finally, we regained the glory,” expressed John P. Botengan Jr., coach and faculty member of BSU Secondary Laboratory School.

17th Luzon Higher Education Press Conference

With the theme “#NOFILTER: Averting False Media Through Ethical Journalism”, the 17th Luzon Higher Education Press Conference was held on February 28 – March 2, 2018 at the Hotel Supreme Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City. University publications were mandate to attend the conference.

Apple Mae Guintodan, MC News Editor, championed the Filipino feature writing while Brendon Bangco-og, MC Editor-in-Chief, won the 7th place for editorial English.

“Students should align themselves in some extracurricular activities that enable them to show their skills and talent for holistic development because learning is not only in the four corners of the classroom. Learning is also in the outside. For students, they can start with joining student organizations which they think can help them and where they can perform to enhance themselves,” advised Bangco-og.

//K.Tino and C. Sangao BSDC interns