BSU welcomes teacher and students from partner schools in Asia

By jtabangcura - Posted on 01 September 2016


Kodai Mashino, Keishi Takemoto and Masao Kanayama of Tottori University in Japan and Quốc Thái Nguyễn of Vihn Long Community College in Vietnam was introduced to University constituents after the August 22 Flag Ceremony by Dr. Leoncia Tandang and Dr. Edlyn Mae Ciano.//JST

Three students from the Faculty of Agriculture at Tottori University in Japan are in the University for 21 days. They are Kodai Mashino, Keishi Takemoto and Masao Kanayama. They will be gathering data on organic agriculture and crop programming at the College of Agriculture. Upon learning of the International Language Center, the students also enlisted for English tutorials.

Quốc Thái Nguyễn, a faculty the Vihn Long Community College in Vietnam was also in the University from August 18-30. Nguyen came to the University for clinic immersion at the BSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital and on other animal clinics in La Trinidad. He was mentored by Dr. Edlyn Mae Ciano and Dr. Criselda A. Battad of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Previously, BSU has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Tottori University and Vihn Long Community College for faculty, student and research exchange.