BSU's lustrous image float anew in the region

By upao - Posted on 11 September 2013

          The University exhibits again its prowess in the field of instruction, research, and development when the research papers of its five faculty-researchers were adjudged BEST during the recently concluded annual event of the highland Agriculture and Resources research and Development Consortium (HARRDEC & CIERDEC) 3rd Joint Regional Symposium on RDE Highlights in Agriculture, Foresty, Natural Resouces, Industry, Socio-Economics, and Education Sectors was held at the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) BSU Campus last August 30, 2013. The details of these awards are as follow:

1st Best Paper Award

● AFNR Sector: "Simplified Key to Soik Series Idenfication: A Farmer's Guide Book on the Establishment of Sustainable Crops/Agricultural Production Systems" by Carlito P. Laurean, Director of Cordillera Smart Agriculture Center (CSAC) and Rodrigo B. Badayos.


● Socio-Economic Sector. "Physical Environmental Dimensions of Wellness of BSU Employees" by Eduardo P. Laconsay, Director of Institute of Physical Education and Sports (IPES).

2nd Best Paper Award

● Socio-Economic Sector: Agrarian  Reform Community Connectivity and Economic Support Services (ARCESS) Organization, Enterprise Needs Assessment, and Design Assessment (OE-NADA) in Agrarian Reform Areas of Benguet, Mt. Province and Ifugao by Belinda A. Tad-awan, Director of Higher Education Regional Research Center (HERRC), Carlito P. Laurean, Ruth S. Batani, Janet P. Pablo, Asuncion L. Nagpala, Constantino Sudaypan Sr., Valentine L. Macanes, Eulogio V. Cardona, Heather Ann B. Kiwang, Mursha D. Gapasin, Matyline A. Camfili, Jovita M. Sim and Jasmine Kiaso.

● Industry Sector: Sweetpotato Product Development: Yoghart, Hopia and Vinegar Modified Recipes by Ester T. Botangen, Science Research Specialist I, Joyce K. Mama-O and Ines C. Gonzales.

3rd Best Poster Award

● AFNR: Life History and Control of Cutworm (SpodopteralituraFabr) using SpodopteralituraNucleoPolyhedroviru (SINPV) on Cabbage in Benguet by Eulogio Cardona Jr., Director for Research Services.

          The symposium is an annual activity where research and extension project results in the form of technologies from completed works and significant information from on-going undertakings are presented for promotion, commercialization, adaption, and dissemination. The activity is a collaborative and synergized partnership among development agencies in the Region. It was participated in primarily by member organizations of the two consortia. They are technology generators, researchers, subject matter specialist, communicators, extension workers, policy makers, farmers, entrepreneurs, and representatives from the private sectors and non-government organizations.

          Mr. Marciano A. Paroy, a development communicator from KASC introduced the audience by agency affiliation and who were warmly welcomed by Dr. Sonwright B. Maddul, Consortium Director of HARRDEC.

         Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon, HARRDEC-RRDCC Chairperson and the University President of Ifugao State University (IFSU), in his message inspired the participants by mentioning three thing HARRDEC needs to pursue to remain relevant and continue to shine through.

          * The good things it has been doing like the conduct of annual agency-in House Reviews and Planning;

          * commercializing the technologies that HARRDEC has developed over the years of its meaningful existence; and

          * persevering to struggle to triumph because "the survival of our Consortium lies right here in our hands and within our grasp".

         For the CIERDEC counterpart message from its Chairperson, BSU President Ben D. Ladilad, he tasked his University Vice-President for R&E, Dr. Luciana Villanueva, to fill his part. As the always-prepared role-filler, Dr. Villanueva posed a challenge to all her fellow researchers to take their responsibility as researchers for development seriously. She stressed that it is every researcher's look out to share the fruit of his/her R&D to the intended end-user. From a very recent personal communication, Dr. Villanueva shared her learning that many R&D results never get to reach farmers.

          She admitted with humility that she herself felt guilty upon learning that there are farmers who do not know her important works on how to manage economically-important diseases of plants particularly vegetables. She truly felt humbled by such revelation. In this regard, she appealed to all to take responsibility in sharing the results of researchers to stakeholders.// Gilda B. Jacalan & Leny Mendoza