Commencement exercises held, grads to ‘choose significance and not success’

By upao - Posted on 28 June 2018


“I believe it is time for us to leave the pursuit of success and engage in the godly pursuit of significance.”

This was pointed out by Alladin A. Bañez in his valedictory speech during the Benguet State University’s 93rd Commencement Exercises at the Oval on June 14, 2018. Bañez graduated magna cum laude with the degree, Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness. He led the batch of 2018 by earning the highest General Weighted Average (GWA).

Bañez started his speech with an allegory of his father, who, despite his background have provided for his family in hard times.

“Dahil sa kanya, isa sa mga anak niya ay nabigyan ng pagkakataong tumayo sa harapan ninyo ngayon upang magbahagi ng mensahe na sa palagay niya ay makapagbibigay rin ng inspirasyon sa inyo,” expressed Bañez. (Because of him, one of his children is given a chance to stand in front of you to share a message that he believes would inspire you.)

He also beckoned the graduates that there is a huge difference between success and significance. He said that being significant makes an impact to the lives of people around us, whiles success is the desire to achieve a certain goal and if that goal is not reached, the desire deepens.

“There is a greater call besides being successful. If you want to be selfless, then go on and walk the path of significance. Significance is making a difference in the lives of people over time. Successful people have come and gone but those people who pursue significance left a legacy of lives behind,” he said.

“The choice that we have to make, is to be successful or to be significant. Ladies and gentlemen, let us choose a higher purpose. Let us live a life of meaning, let us choose to be significant,” Bañez concluded. Meanwhile at the BSU Buguias Campus, Ortiza Elias graduating as cum laude with the degree, Bachelor of Elementary Education expressed her thankfulness to her parents, colleagues, schoolmates, and teachers in her valedictory address.

Elias recalled how she haggled with college life, forever thanking the institutions, agencies, and individuals who provide scholarships to struggling students such as herself. She attested that her achievement is evidence that poverty does not hinder education.

“Thank you for your unending support in our college life. I know you are prouder than any of us here for having a son or daughter receive his or her diploma. I know you deserve more praises and gratitude from us for we owe you this bittersweet day of success,” Elias expressed. “Salamat daddy, mama, manong, manang, uncle ya aunty sin layad, anus, ya suporta yu endakami et nai-ay nalpas mi din iskwela mi.” Simultaneous Graduation

The three BSU campuses held their Commencement Exercises simultaneously on June 14 to exercise solidarity and oneness.

La Trinidad campus produced a total of 1,652 graduates, Buguias campus produced 85, and Bokod campus produced 68 ranging from undergraduate degrees to Ph.D. This includes students who graduated during the first semester and summer of School Year 2017-2018.

The La Trinidad campus commencement exercises was led by BSU President Feliciano G. Calora, Jr. accompanied by the various directors, VP for Administration and Finance John James F. Malamug and VP for Academic Affairs Kenneth G. Laruan. VP for Business Affairs Silvestre K. Aben and Institute of Highland Farming Systems and Agroforestry (IHFSA) Andres A. Basalong graced the Commencement Exercises at the Bokod campus while VP for Research and Extension Carlito P. Laurean, accompanied by Chief Administration Officer Matias C. Angiwan, Jr., Research Office Director Constantino T. Sudaypan, and Extension Office Director Ruth S. Batani attended the Commencement Exercises at the Buguias campus.

In his inspirational message to Buguias campus, VP for Research and Extension Carlito P. Laurean challenged the graduates that even if the society demands conformity, they can still dare to be different.

“We have to consider that everything in our life is an examination, every day we either fail or pass the test, every day is an opportunity for us to grow beyond our present barriers and circumstances. Every day is a chance to become a better person, the saddest part of it however, is if we let society’s common sense grade us,” he expressed.

Laurean shared that he himself came from a struggling family and with the help of scholarships coupled with hardwork, he became the person he is now. He iterated his point in daring to be different.

“Being different means, not being afraid to challenge the norms, being willing to take the chance, asking why, making your own trap, not just following the will-trodden path, sharpening your own course and destiny, being the person you are meant to be,” he ended.//MDPenchog