Guam cultural performers interact with CCA performing groups

By upao - Posted on 20 May 2019


Cultural dancers from the John F. Kennedy High School in Guam interacted with the various cultural performing groups of BSU on April 15, 2019 at the Pine Tree Hall (CF). The activity was part of a cultural immersion program that began with the establishment of sister municipalities between Benguet and Guam through the initiative of Eric Salvador, a faculty at the John F. Kennedy High School who traces part of his roots to Kapangan.

The BSU Glee Club first performed their winning pieces followed by the Lowland Dance Troupe, Highland Dance Troupe and the Dramatics Club. This was followed by performances of their counterparts from Guam, the Guma’rasa Acho’latte headed by Brian Terlaje who gave a passionate introduction of the group.

Prior to the United States coming to our island in 1898, we were sold by the Spanish, Guam had a culture and a language that existed 4,250 years. As a matter of fact we are descendants of the Austronesian people from the south pacific seas. So we are closely related to the Filipino people, we are actually one family and when you listen to our language and see our dances you can see the similarities,” Terlaje said.

He added that most of the students at John F. Kennedy High School are of Filipino descent and coming to the Philippines is also, in a way, a homecoming and a fulfillment of their hunger to know who they are and where they come from.

The activity ended with community dancing led by Terlaje who taught a simple dance from Guam that depicts harvesting and eating papayas. //JSTabangcura