Benguet State University

Parents, studes oriented on Republic Act 10931; Scholars urged to value Free Education

By upao - Posted on 27 July 2018


“Free access to quality education is a basic right of every Filipino.”

This was the remark of Atty. Matias C. Angiwan Jr., Chief Administrative officer during the orientation on Republic Act 10931 also known as the "Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act" on July 23-24, 2018 at the university gymnasium.

Angiwan further explained that the concept to free education in the tertiary level has never been given to any Filipino in the past thus he encouraged the scholars to value the privilege of this law.

“…we who came ahead of you never benefitted from this privilege. We never have the concept of free education in the tertiary level…put value in it, take advantage of it and do your utmost commitment to achieving of its logic so that you might become a better contributor to the society ….this is provided so that you will not waste your time and your years(pertaining to students),”he said.
Marlene B. Atinyao, Director of the Office of the University Registrar mentioned in her presentation that all who meet the admission and retention requirements of the university are qualified to avail of the free education.

“The decision to avail (free education) or not to avail is per semester, if you avail this semester and you don’t want to avail next semester, it’s okay, it is your choice,” Atinyao explained.

Kenneth A. Laruan, Vice President for Academic Affairs discussed the Return Service System (RSS) which is required by the RA 10931.

Laruan said that the colleges of the university will be providing their own guidelines in the implementation of the 24 hour required RSS.

“We expect that the return service will come in any types of services since we can’t give them the same work due to the number of students) so it is possible that they will also be conducting their return service in neighboring communities but the students have to abide by the policies in acquiring activity permit from the Office of the Students Services,” Laruan answered when asked by a parent what are the services the student should render.

Meanwhile, students who would not like to render services or undergo RSS have the choice to Opt-out or choose Student Voluntary Contribution. Opt-out mechanism is where the students choose to pay tuition and miscellaneous fees for the whole semester.

Student Voluntary Contribution is when a student chooses to voluntarily contribute a particular amount to BSU while availing of the free higher education but still do an RSS with lesser hours.//DSEmok