Spanish Professor shares expertise to BSU Faculty and Staff; Plans for Project Collaboration

By upao - Posted on 12 September 2019


Through BSU’s Internationalization program, Spanish Professor Pablo Antonio Cano Jimenez from Universidad de Huelva, Spain, shared his expertise on Spanish Language, Pedagogy at Early Childhood and Primary Education and Physical Education and Sports. Part of Professor Pablo’s visit is also to meet with the BSU officials for possible future project collaborations.

Professor Jimenez lectured on “The Agent of Socialization Children’s Culture, Values and Mass Media” to faculty, staff and students of the College of Teacher Education (CTE) on August 15, 2019 at the CTE-Function Hall. Jimenez was also requested to lecture in a graduate class of the Dr. Imelda Parcasio, dean of CTE, regarding his expertise in teaching.

He also shared on Spanish Culture and Language at the BSU Strawberry Hall on August 16, 2019 to faculty and staff of the International Language Center (ILC) and Humanities Department then held a meeting on project linkages.

Jimenez discussed with ILC and Humanities Department Faculty to explore possibilities for funding and training the Spanish language from the Spanish Embassy.

A lecture was also held for the Institute of Human Kinetics (IHK) faculty regarding “Intervention Program for People with Disabilities through Sports Physical Activity: The Case of Futsal Team”.

Jimenez is the 3rd faculty member from Universidad de Huelva to visit BSU this year which is part of the Exchange Staff of the ERASMUS+ Program, a European funding programme established in 1987. BSU established an Inter-institutional Agreement with Erasmus’ funding mobility for learners and staff.

Partnership with Universidad de Huelva and BSU began in 2017 with an Inter Institutional Agreement with Dr. Cheryll C. Launio as BSU’s Emissary to establish linkage with the said university. This is a part of the BSU’s efforts to move to international partnerships.

During Jimenez’s courtesy call to President Calora, the latter stated that it is important to establish a protocol for sustainable international partnerships which are focused and outcome-based.

“Unlike before, our concept of internationalization or international partnership is just holding a piece of paper saying that we have an understanding with these universities but there are no actual programs”, he furthered.

He then expressed that BSU is now really working towards making internationalization functional by visitations and benchmarking to other universities outside the country and vice-versa. Calora hopes for faculty members to go out of the university to visit other countries, identify professors and develop proposals and programs that would mutually benefit BSU and its strategic partners as well.

Plans for BSU faculty mobility to Universidad de Huelva to teach Agriculture and Languages is awaiting approval this year.

BSU is also currently working with the National Chiayi University, Taiwan, which will be sending one faculty to earn a doctorate degree in Forestry starting this September 2019.//KJPagada