Spanish profs to deliver lectures on strawberry research

By upao - Posted on 11 April 2017


In line with the University’s goals and objectives of delivering research and extension programs for institutional development, two visiting professors from Spain will be providing special lectures about their strawberry research and nursery management to graduate students, researchers, and faculty members.

Dr. Pedro Palencia-Garcia and Dr. Fatima Martinez-Ruiz from BSU’s partner universities in Spain, Universidad de Oviedo and Universidad de Huelva, respectively, will be sharing their expertise in plant breeding, propagation, and nursery management during their stay from April 9 to May 12, 2017.

The professors, aside from giving special lectures on their strawberry research, will be collaborating with BSU’s local experts on current strawberry research undertakings and conceptualize possible future projects with local experts.

During their stay, Dr. Palencia-Garcia and Dr. Martinez-Ruiz will be working closely with Dr. Danilo Padua, University expert on strawberry research and development; Dr. Janet P. Pablo, chairperson of the Department of Plant Breeding; and Dr. Leoncia L. Tandang, dean of the College of Agriculture.//Juman Kevin Tindo, photos by Thaikong Daniwes