The phasing out of Baguio Vacation Normal School at Teachers Camp, Baguio City in 1983 prompted the university to offer a special curriculum leading to Certificate in Physical Education and Master of Arts in Physical Education under the department of Physical Education and Athletic Affairs Effective 1986 under Board Resolution No. 26, s. 1986.

In 1994, the Institute of Physical Education and Sports was created by the board of regents when it passed resolution No. 578 s. 1994 upgrading the Physical Education Department of the University. This is in response to the clamor of many teachers in the field and an answer to the need for a training center to professionalize all services related to physical education and sports. It was also conceived to produce competent manpower to assist in the preparation, and implementation of programs in the physical education and sports.

As one of the leading educational institution known for its established record of preparing physical education teachers, sports and wellness enthusiasts, the Board of Regents Resolution No.2220,s.2013 approving the change of nomenclature of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports (IPES) to Institute of Human Kinetics (IHK) for implementation upon the Board approval. Subsequently, approved the offering of Bachelor of Physical Education major in Sports and Wellness Management (SWM) and School Physical Education (SPE) effective first semester of the academic year 2014-2015. This was approved by the Board during the 163rd meeting. (Resolution No.2221, S. 2013). 

BSU-IHK is passionate to deliver not only theoretical knowledge, but also the hands on skills needed and values for workplace success hence, continue to offer firmly grounded education. The impetus for a paradigm shift, University Memorandum No 10. s. 2014 dated February 21, 2014 rectifying the use nomenclature: Master of Science in Physical Education instead Master of Arts in Physical Education. This prompted the enhancement of MSPE curriculum to address global social demands contemporary changes and for the purpose of rationalization of physical education with the end in view of keeping pace with the demand of global competitiveness.


The Institute of Human Kinetics endeavors to become a center of excellence in physical education and sports science and wellness to its service area.


The Institute of Human Kinetics is mandated to provide basic services and specialized courses in Physical Education, sports science, dance, recreation, and wellness to produce globally competitive graduates and to offer fitness programs to its stakeholders.


Consistent with the university mission, the Institute aims to develop physical, emotional, mental, social, moral and environmental transformation of the individual.


* Provide basic physical education and wellness program to the students and stakeholders of the university.
* To offer major courses in the physical education, sports science, dance and wellness;
* To promote sports and recreation in the university and its service area;
* To promote physical activities for a healthy, active lifestyle and well– being;
* To promote appreciation of human values and preserve the cultural heritage of the people.


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Institute of Human Kinetics
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