"To produce competent graduates in the practice of general Veterinary Medicine and Management"


 Achieve globally empowered citizens ethically committed to excellent governance addressing the challenges of improved quality of life and an assured next generation.


To equip management or public practitioners with the needed analytical skills and conceptual tools to enhance their ability to analyze problems and to make quality decisions and policies that adhere to the needs and interests of the public in order to build a humane, just, and prosperous society for Filipinos in the modern world.


1.To advance the study and practice of public administration.
2.To enhance competence among civil servants, and still commitment to an effective, efficient, accountable, and responsive public service.
3.To metamorphose the Institute into a college that would serve as a center of development in Asia.


1. To make management education integrative to encompass the following; improved access to quality education; higher standards; less poverty; a more beneficial environment; more equality of opportunities; greater individual freedom; and a richer cultural life.
2. To inculcate a high ethical standard and competence among civil servants.
3. To relate the knowledge and insights gained in the study of public administration to empirical situations in the Philippines for a more responsive, effective, efficient and accountable public service.
4. To promote critical inquiry into public policies and administrative practices and to develop an indigenous and creative yet feasible alternatives to a development that is relevant and significant.


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Institute of Public Administration
Benguet State University
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