Retention Policies

Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics
- Once enrolled in the course, a student must maintain a minimum weighted average of 2.5 for a minimum of 18 unit-subject in one semester
- a grade of 2.75 or better must be maintained in all major subjects. Major subjects are those that fall under the classification of statistics professional subjects as per CMO 53 s. 2006.
- An INC must be completed before enrollment of the next term, regardless of whether it is a prerequisites subject or not
- Those with DRP subjexts during the previous term shall not be allowed to enroll in the next term until a consultation with the student, the parent/guardian, and a representative of teh MPS Department shall have been done. Each case shall be considered based on its merits. Should a student be allowed to enroll, he/she shall be on probation status for one semester. If the student passess all enrolled subjects, the probationary period ends; otherwise, the student shall be advised to consider other degree program
- The above-mentioned policies shall apply strictly to the first- and second-year students. Third-and fourth-year students who do not meet the standards shall be advised on a case-to-case basis and shall be covered by the BSU policy on the number of failed subjects.
Bachelor of Science in Environment Science
For high school students who were admitted under the BSES programs, they shall take note of the following retention policies;
- Probation: Three (3) failures, or 2 failures and 2 incomplete (INC)/dropped (D) grades for the first two years - the student will be under probation or advised to shift to another course. 
- Disqualification: Four (4) failures, or 3 failures and 2 incomplete (INC)/dropped (D) grades for teh first two years - automatically disqualifies the student from the BSES program
- For new transfer students, they shall not be allowed to continue the program if they incurred 2 failures or 3 dropped subjects during their first term
The following are the limits for teh completion of the BSES program:
- The student should finish the degree program within a maximum of six (6 years)
- The student can avail of a leave of absence (LOA) from the University for Justifiable Cause without prejudice to the time limit
- A student who fails to finish his/her thesis for a justifiable cause shall be determined by the thesis adviser.
- Any student who failed to finish his/her degree within the specified time shall be advised to take additional subjects.