Northern Philippines Root Crops Research and Training Center (NPRCRTC)

PD No. 1107 mandates the NPRCRTC, together with the Philippinr Root Crops Research and Training Center at Visayas State University to spearhead, coordinate, and implement the national root crops research, development, and extension programs.

A prime mover of sustainable rootcrops industry

To develop efficient rootcrops production and utilization systems

To increase productivity, intensity pro-active extension, develop diversified utilization of rootcrops, strengthen linkages and improve organizational capacity

Develop profitable a sustainable rootcrop production and industry thru the generation of applicable technologies and useful information from its research, training, extension and production activities

1. Crop Improvement
     - Evaluate, improve and develop varieties of root crops;     - Maintain promising germplasm of rootcrops;
     - Provide clean up services of root crops' parent materials; and
     -Provide expert services on crop improvement.
2. Crop Management and Seed Production 
     - Develop and/or improve production techniques and cropping systems for root crops;
     - Develop integrated crop management strategies for the sustainable control of pests of rootcrops;  
     - Multiply and distribute seed board approved varieties of rootcrops;
     - Institutionalize the use of generation zero and rooted stem cuttings in seed production;
     - Provide service for soil analysis root crop pest diagnosis;
     - Conduct extension activities on crop management and seed production; and 
     - Provide expert services on crop management
3. Postharvest, Processing and Utilization
     - Develop and improve suitable harvest and postharvest handling technologies necessary in the industry
     - Develop and expand root crops processing and utilization;
     - Develop root crop waste management systems;
     - Develop a processing system utilizing agricultural wastes; and
     - Provide expert services on  postproduction of crops.
4. Engineering
     - Design and develop low-cost efficient machineries, tools and facilities in root crop production, postharvest and processing
5. Socio-Economics and Policy
     - Conduct agro-economic database, credit and policy research;
     - Conduct market research and social marketing studies;
     - Conduct indigenous knowledge and practices and gender studies; 
     - Conduct consumption, utilization and nutrition studies;
     - Conduct impact studie;
     - Process documentation of development research (rural development, enterprise development and urban agriculture);
     - Conduct socio-anthropological studies;
     - Draft policies and guidelines to promote the rootcrops industry as well as protect and uphold intellectual property rights; and
     - Conduct other related studies.
6. Training and Extension 
- Conduct/coordinate training and extension programs;
- Develop and/or coordinate publication of IEC materials on root crops;
- Conduct conferences, symposia, and seminars on root crops;
- Provide visitors/clients support services including library services;
- Coordinate and spearhead submission of articles/papers and other related literatures to refereed/indexed journals.

Technical Services
1. Planting material and seeds dispersal 
a. Tissue-cultured root/tuber plants 
b. Basic planting materials 

2. Plant Disease Clinic 
a. Disease diagnosis
b. Soil analysis for bacterial wilt
c. Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (DAS & NCM ELISA)
   - Potato bacterial wilt 
   - Sweetpotato viruses 
   - Potato Viruses
   - Yam