Cordillera Regional Apiculture Center

A premier regional apiculture center established for human, material and natural resources development for a competitive apiculture industry.

To educate and train would-be beekeepers, apiculturists, andother stakeholders, conduct researches, and extend technologies towards the development of apiculture in the region in collaboration with the concerned government agencies/institutions, non-government organizations/private sector and other apiculture/beekeeping stakeholders

To establish apiculture/beekeeping as a sustainable households' complimentary source of income that is integrated into the farming systems in the region. 

     1. Enhance the capabilities of human resources of collaborating agencies/institutions for the effective implementation of the beekeeping development in the region;
     2. Undertake researches and technology innovations to address specific concerns of beekeeping in the region;
     3. Initiate establishment of Provincia Apiculture Satellite Centers in the provinces of Abra, Apayao, Ifugao, Mt. Province and Kalinga based at concerned State Universities/Colleges in each  province;
     4. Establish queen rearing and production projects in strategic locations of the region;  
     5.Strengthen the honey processing, packaging, marketing centers, production volume, product diversification and development of business models, in strategic locations of the region;
     6. Coordinate service assistance (eg. technical, financial, trainings/conventions, and other extended to be beekeepers and stakeholders); and 
     7. Conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of beekeeping development programs in the region.

Divisions and their functions
    a. Apiculture Research and Technology Innovation Division
       - Conducts researches on apiculture and other related studies
       - Conducts bee breeding programs
       - Designs, develops and tests low-cost tools and machineris needed in beekeeping
     b. Apiary Management and Colony Production Division
       - Establish of demonstration apiary
       - Establish provincial satellite centers
       - Produce of colonies for research needs of the center
       - Produce of queens and colonies for dispersal
       - Maintain breeder queens for queen rearing purposes
     c. Bee Product Processing and Diversification Division
       - Develop and expand bee products
       - Develop and expand bee products processing and utilization
       - Design and develop low-cost and efficient harvesting and prcessing tools, machineries and facilities
     d. Training and Extension Division 
       - Conduct/coordinate training and extension program
       - Conduct conferences, symposia and seminars in beekeeping
       - Develop and publish IEC materials on beekeeping
       - Pilot and showcase appropriate technologies in beekeeping
       - Provide expert services to beekeepers/visitors and other clients