Food Science Research and Innovation Center (FSRIC)

A catalyst in the development of vibrant food industries

To lead in food science research and technology innovation for food and nutrition security and global competitiveness

To increase productivity and incomes of food processors and entrepreneurs through the promotion of technologies

a. Develop, evaluate and promote new technology, new products, efficient processing systems, technology/product commercialization and marketing strategies, and to improve the sanitation,
    quality of processed foods in terms of sensory, nutritional values and industrial uses;
b. Focus on the nutrient enrichment, application, and their enzymes to impact on the sensory, textural, techno-functional properties and health benefits of a wide range of food products;
c. Extract and modify foos components and provide bio-functional particles as food solutions to address key diet related health and nutrition concerns;
d. Exploit ues of natural agents (herbal/medicinal/spicy plants) to control deleterious or pathogenic organisms in food systems;
e. Conduct market studies and value chain analysis of the food research and extension programs;
f. Help accelerate transformation and upgrading of the food industries through trainings, technical services and other extension programs;
g. Serve as learning center for students in support of their academic courses; and
h. Advocate policies on food industry research, development and innovations to ensure operational traceability and the safety of fresh products of the food industries

Divisions and their functions
a. Crop-based Food Technology R and D Division. This Division shall focus on harnessing the renewable nature of crops to make nutritious, health and safe food and beverage food products
     including edible filsm for industrial applications, and value addition analysis of technology, products and services.
b. Meat, Aquaculture and Seafood-bsed Food Technology R and D Division. This Division shall focus on harnessing the renewable nature of animal meat, poultry, aquaculture and sea foods
   to make nutritious, healthy and safe food products, and value  addition analysis of technology, products and services.
c. Food Engineering Research and Development Division (FERD). The Division shall focus on the multidisciplinary field of applied physical sciences which combines sciences, microbiology,
    and engineering education for food and related industries.
d. Extension and Technology Innovation Division. The division shall provide the technical assistance needed fo the local food processing industries to produce high quality, healthy, safe,
    and innovative food products; and strive to increase the wareness of Philippine's food producers regarding matters pertain to food safety, pertinent food regulations,
    and general concerns associated wuth starting a food business.
e. Food Quality Analytical Lab and Food Safety Division. This Division shall characterize product samples, sampling methods, and work flows that are adhoc and in demand with regular,
    predictable and subjective results.