Office of Extension Services (OES)

The Office of the Extension Services spearheads the promotion, transfer, adaptation and utilization of knowledge and technology generated, verified, and adopted by the University

A dynamic and responsive Extension program in a changing environment.

The extension services of the university is anchored on bridging the gap between technology generators and users of technology.  


A.    Training and Outreach Division
• Conducts trainings for farmers and other stakeholders;
• Conducts outreach programs in the service areas of BSU; and
• Conducts quick response services as needed.

Training Programs
1. Agri-based Technologies
   • Natural Farming Systems           • Organic Agriculture- products are certified           • Crop Production
   • Vegetables            • Legumes            • Rootcrops            • Animal Production
2. Skills Training
   • Crop Processing             • Flower Arrangement            • Landscaping             • Animal Health Care            • Human Reproductive Health Care

B.    Technology Diffusion and Commercialization 
• Pilot and showcase mature technologies on- and off- stations and recommends for commercializtion; and
• Spearhead the operations of the BSU International Guarantee System (BIGS) Center.

C.    Technology Packaging and Information Dissemination
• Package technology and information for dissemination and utilization in appropriate language, forms and channels;
• Spearhead the publication of the "Rangtay" and other IEC Materials; and
• Spearhead the management of the BSU-on-the-Air Radio Program

D.    Monitoring and Evaluation Division
• Conduct regular monitoring and evaluation of extension programs/projects of the OES, various colleges, campuses and R and E centers/institutes;
• Maintain a database of extension programs/projects of the University; and
• Perform other tasks that may be assigned by the OES Director.