Student Organizations

College of Agriculture

CA Agribusines and Economics Majors Society

CA Development Communication Society

CA SG Agroforestry Student Organization

CA SG Extension and Rural Development Volunteers Club

CA SG Agronomy Majors Society

CA SG First Year Agriculture Society

CA SG Horticultural Science Society

CA SG Metamorphosis Society

CA SG Organization of Soil Science and Organic Agriculture Majors

CA SG Phytopathological Society

CA SG Second Year Agriculture Society

CA SG Society of Animal Science Students

CA Student Government

College of Arts and Sciences


CAS Samahang Statistika

CAS Young Environmentalists' Society

CAS Student Government

College of Engineering and Applied Technology

CEAT Ph Soc of Agricultural Engineers- Pre-professional Group BSU Chapter

CEAT The CEAT Frontier

College of Forestry

CF Forestry Ecological Society

CF Future Foresters' Society

CF Shontog

College of Home Econommics and Technology

CHET PANutrition Beta Zeta Chapter

CHET PATechnology and Home Economics in State Colleges and Universities BSU Jr Chapter

CHET PCouncil of Hospitality Management Students

CHET Quarterly

CHET Society of Young Entreprenuers

CHET Student Government

College of Nursing

CN Nursing Association of Responsible Students

College of Teacher Education

CTE SG Bachelor of Elementary Education

CTE SG English Society

CTE SG Future Early Childhood Educators Association

CTE SG Future Science Educators Society

CTE SG General Education Future Mentor's Society

CTE SG Physical Education, Health, Music, & Arts Club

CTE SG Pre-service Mathematics Educators

CTE SG Samahan ng mga Medyor sa Filipino

CTE SG Samahan ng mga Nagpapakadalubhasa sa Araling Panlipunan

CTE SG Secondary Education Pre-service Teachers Society

CTE SG Society of Future Technologists and Livelihood Educators

CTE SG Values Education Organization

CTE Student Government

CTE The Blue Courier

College of Veterinary Medicine

CVM Interdependent Study Organization of Students

CVM Rodeo Club

CVM Venerable Knight/Lady Veterinarians Fraternity/Sorority

CVM Veterinary Medicine Student Government

Institute of Human Kinetics

IHK Kinetika Organization

Institute of Public Administration

IPA Ammo

IPA Public Administration Student Government

Institute of Information Technology

IIT Body of Young Information Technologists

Mandated Organizations

MO Supreme Student Government

MO The Mountain Collegian

Religious Organization

Lakas Angkan Youth Fellowship

Student Catholic Action

Waves Christian in Action

Youth Campus Challenge

Special Interest Groups

Ladies Dormitory Residents Association

Men's Dormitory Residents Organization

The Graduate School

Academic Graduate Student's Association in Public Administration

Association of Doctorate Students in Science Education

Benguet State University-Society of Guidance Practitioners

General Science-Mathematics-Statistics and Physics Society

Graduate School Language Society