Institute of Social Research and Development (ISRD)



                                                      The Institute of Social Research and Development (ISRD)  is the leading socio-cultural research institute in the University established in 1986 through PD 2010 to spearhead the conduct of relevant social research and development activities.  It shall be responsible in the advocacy and promotion of indigenous knowledge systems and practices of the Indigenous Peoples especially in the Cordillera (BOR Resolution Number 959, series of 2000.

A Social R and D Institute that promotes empowered and healthy communities

To mainstream critical research perspective in social research and development activities

To engender ethically guided social research and development responsive to the needs of the clientele

     a. Conduct relevant policy and social research and development activities;
     b. Advocate social researches and development policies that are sensitive to community needs and aspirations;
     c. Actively disseminate research results to communities and other stakeholders;
     d. Regularly conduct capablity building activities for R and E personnel of the University and the region;
     e. Establish and strengthen internal and external linkages;
     f. Prepare and regulary update RDE agenda for socio-cultural research;
     g. Publish papers in refereed/indexed journals, prepare IECs and other materials that utilizes research products; and
     h. Improve systems and procedures to facilitate institute's mandate

     1. Language, Literature, Arts, and Communication
     2. Economic, Policy, and Advocacy
     3. Gender and Development
     4. Indigenous Knowledge Systems 
     5. Education
     6. Food, Nutrition and Health

Functions of the Divisions
     a. Prepare and package research proposals in their respective fields of specialization;  
     b. Coordinate/pursue a smooth and efficient implementation, monitoring and evaluation of respective R and D projects;
     c. Prepare and submit prescribed accomplishment report/s on time;
     d. Assist in establishing linkages with other agencies within an outside the University for fund-sourcing and other synergistic possibilities; and
     e. Perform other functions as maybe requested for the Institute

■ University of Guam
■ Psychological Association of the Philippines
■ DepEd Apayao
■ DepEd Baguio

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