Research and Extension Publication Office (REPO)

Globally- cited publicaton on agriculture, forestry, nautral resources, agricultural engineering, education, socio-culture, food, nutrition and health and policy advocacy

To lead in translating research results into globally cited publications

To publish and circulate scholarly articles

a. Publish R and E results through the BSU Research Journal, other refereed/indexed journals; printed materials and other forms;
b. Coordinate with and assist institutes/centers and colleges regarding publication guidelines and updates, and publishable contents of institute/center/college-based journals;
c. Establish linkages with other institutions for publication exchange
d. Facilitate the conduct of researches and documentation towards improving journals and other R and E-based publications in the University; and
e. Monitor and evaluate progress of publications in the University

Divisions and their Functions
a. Communications, Circulation, Linkage and Procurement Division
- Communicate with the contributors, peer reviews, concerned editors, editorial board and other stakeholders of publications;
- Organize, store, disseminate and promote ues of printed materials;
- Establish networks with regard to publication exchange; and
- In charge in procurement papers for office needs, honoraria of peer reviewers and consultants and printing costs.
b. Editing, Lay-outing and Proofreading Division
- In charge in the editing, lay-outing and proofreading of manuscript drafts until a final print out shall have been done;
- Summarizes results of the peer reviews; and
- Ensures that the paper conforms with the policies and guidelines of the publication resulting in an accurate and significant contribution to knowledge.
c. Research, Documentation and Training Division
- Determines needs, gaps in information and trends in scientific publication as bases for improving publications strategies;
- Documents advances in scientific publication practices and better ways in translating research results for the scientific and grassroots communities; and Conducts training to researches
   on how to write articles for publication. 
d. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division
- Leads in the planning of a year-round activities of the Office;
- Undertakes periodic monitoring and evaluation of all publication activities and functions as covered by the other units; and
- Coordinates efforts to overcome serious problems arising during implementation by providing necessary advice and reports to the Office Director