"To provide educational programs that will produce graduates with an understanding of the social, economic and political dimensions of forestry and related sciences."

     The College of Forestry started as a small department of the Mountain State Agricultural College (MSAC) which offered a ladderized two year Forest Ranger Certificate Course (FRCC) in 1974.  In 1976, a Bachelor of Science in Forestry program was opened.  In 1984, the department catapulted into an institute. It later opened a graduate program in forestry with silviculture and watershed management as major fields in 1985. In 1986, MSAC was transformed into a University, thus elevating its Forestry Institute into a College status.


a. Achieve high-level of technical expertise in forestry and related fields by engaging in forest and natural resources conservation and restoration;
b. Generate useful environment friendly technologies to sustain forest ecosystem services;
c. Become dynamic change agents instituting sustainable forestry;
d. Pursue lifelong learning, such as graduate studies and or other scholastic undertakings; and
e. Practice their chosen profession guided by appropriate social values and virtues.

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