The College of Home Economics & Technology offers four (4) Bachelor’s Degree; one (1) non-degree; and two (2) graduate studies. 

The College was created in 1988 under Resolution No. 206. The college offers the Bachelor of Science in Home Economics (BSHE); Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics (BSND); Master of Arts in Home Technology (MSHT) and Master of Arts in Teaching Practical Arts (MATPA); and the one-year certificate in Home Management Arts (CHMA). In 1994, under Board Resolution 610, MSHT was renamed as Master of Arts in Home Economics (MAHE) and MATPA into Master of Arts in Technology and Home Economics (MATHE). Resolution number 997, series of 2000 authorized the College the offering of the ladderized Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Technology (BSET). On June 27, 2010, the offering of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management was approved (BOR Resolution No. 1914). 

The four (4) departments under the College (Department of Home Economics (DHE); Department of Human Nutrition (DHN); Department of Entrepreneurial Technology (DET); and Department of Hotel & Restaurant Management (DHRM)) were created in 2014.

1. Develop globally competitive graduates with high ethical standards, relevant knowledge and skills to face the demands of technological advancement and societal developments; and
2. Enhance and strengthen the quality of research and extension services in home economics; entrepreneurial technology; nutrition and dietetics; and hotel and restaurant management.