The College of Natural Sciences is among the newly formed colleges from the then College of Arts and Sciences. It was founded in November 8, 2021 through BOR No. 168 s. 2021. Under the college are the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science. The first college dean is Dr. Elizabeth T. Dom-ogen.

1. Pursue innovatative academic programs towards excellence in the Natural Sciences
2. Engender globally competetive graduates imbued with gender sensitivity, cultural respect and environmental responsiveness
3. Nurture a highly competent faculty and staff to sustain the University's four-fold function: instruction, research, extension and production
4. Develop and strengthen collaborative research and extension activities with distinction and global impact
5. Increase visibility and engagement with locak stakeholders and international partners promoting a strong, diverse, and cohesive community committed to excellence in the Natural Sciences.
The Dean
College of Natural Sciences
Km. 5, La Trinidad, Benguet
2601 Philippines