BSU signs five-year-contract with MAP

Benguet State University (BSU) President Felipe Salaing Comila and Institute of Human Kinetics (IHK) Director John Rex G. Bawang signed a five-year Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Muay Thai Association of the Philippines (MAP) Secretary-General Pearl Anne D. Managuelod. The MOA signing took place at the Strawberry Hall of the College of Home Economics and Technology (CHET) building on June 15, 2021.


MAP athletes started training in BSU in May 2021. The association plans to continue coaching student-athletes for the next five years. Dr. Bawang said that BSU is will be providing various assistance to the regional and national Muay Thai athletes such as the use of facilities and accommodation.


The newly built IHK building has its combat room with an indoor fitness area wherein athletes can have their strength and conditioning training. BSU is also willing to provide participating athletes with a scholarship grant to study a course they want in BSU. Ms. Managuelod informed that the scholarships are available for regional athletes who wish to study any course desired at BSU that MAP recommends. The university also plans to locate a plot of land to build a facility dedicated to athletes to train.


In return, MAP committed to assisting in helping all BSU athletes and regional athletes in the community by giving workshops, training, and seminars. Ms. Managuelod and the MAP are willing to share their technical skills and knowledge in training student-athletes of BSU. President Comila also gave his encouragement during the MOA signing. He mentioned that youth only come once and that the older generation should support the younger generation. "These are all the chemistry of the moment; let us savor it and enjoy it. Whatever we can offer for the development of the youth, may it happen. So that the will of the lord for all of us may happen,” President Comila said. MAP proudly informs that there are three out of thirteen national athletes that are from the Cordillera.//AKCariño