Canadian company donates beekeeping supplies to CRAC

20 February 2024| The Cordillera Regional Apiculture Center (CRAC) unboxed two packages of beekeeping supplies at the College of Forestry, afternoon this Tuesday. The packages were donated from the Busy Bee Farm LTD., a bulk honey producer and commercial pollination service provider in Alberta, Canada owned by Mike deJong. The items received include IEC materials, blocks of beeswax, honey bee feed enhancer, honey bee pollen substitute, sugar patty, wax foundation, Chinese grafting tool, bee smoker, side feeder, Nuc box, honey sachets, and IEC materials on beekeeping.

CRAC Director, Kenneth A. Laruan said that the materials and equipment received will help in equipping the center so students and trainees will have hands-on beekeeping experiences and learnings. He expressed his gratitude by stating that the materials and equipment received will greatly aid in BSU’s future research and training activities on honeybee conservation and management.

DeJong visited the CRAC on December 19, 2022. One BSU alumni and four participants of the past CRAC beekeeping trainings are currently employed at the Busy Bee Farm LTD. Still, DeJong highly encourages the development of the local beekeeping industry in the Philippines.//SS.Salvacio (BACom Intern)