Employees urged to observe minimum health protocols

BSU employees are urged to continue implementing minimum health protocols as the non-compliance rating in the University in October is 43.77% and 40.56% in November. The non-compliance rating was determined by the University Health Services Unit in their monitoring operations conducted on October 26-28, 2020 among 313 employees and on November 11, 2020, among 429 employees. 

Dr. Florence Poltic, head of the University Health Services (UHS), is reminding all employees to strictly adhere to minimum health standards such as the proper wearing of facemasks and social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus within the university. She stated that non-compliance with the minimum health standards will not only spread the virus but will also disable the University from performing its duties and responsibilities. An example would be a previous positive case in the Administration Building where processes in the university were paralyzed for 14 days.

She mentioned that compliance with health protocols should be checked by heads of offices. If it is not complied with, they could be charged with violation of Civil Service Rules. “The health declaration forms that we do every month, chinechek iyan dapat ng heads of office para malaman niya kung ang pasyente ay fit to work or hindi,” she furthered.

It was also clarified that employees should still wear their facemasks and observe physical distancing at all times inside the office even inside their cubicles or alone in their rooms. Dr. Poltic stressed that “for as long as there are people, kahit cubicle iyan it is still a closed space, an example is when you come in my office the (microdroplets) you left will still be in the air for eight hours and this is a closed space so no one is exempted, in other words kasi sino ba ang client natintao.”

Dr. Poltic also added that employees should not talk while eating with other people. “Kasi kahit may social distancing, if you talk, the coverage of the virus would be six to nine meters.” She also warns offices who gather in celebrating birthdays and other occasions that gatherings create a breeding ground for the virus. 

She continued that every employee should already be informed and in compliance of all the health protocols set by the UHS after all the efforts to remind them through advisories and memoranda. Dr. Poltic emphasized that all employees are advised to review and be reminded of previous advisories furnished by the UHS for their own safety including their family and friends.//KDPagada