Faculty club officers 2020-2022 proclaimed, Degay retains presidency

Faculty Club Incorporated (FCI) Officers for 2020-2022 were proclaimed and took their oath in a one-hour ceremony held on August 25, 2020 at the Strawberry Hall. The re-elected and new officers are: Imelda O. Degay, President; Vicente G. Panagan (BSU La Trinidad), Chester B. Esnara (BSU Bokod) and Florendo P. Comila (BSU Buguias), Vice Presidents; Johnabel T. Basatan, Secretary; Amelia G. Bawang, Treasurer; Normalyn T. Longay, Auditor; Leonila R. Sito, Press Relation Officer;  Leonardo T. Apilis (BSU La Trinidad), Rowena P.  Viray (BSU Bokod) and Anna Cris L. Gabol (BSU Buguias), Business Managers; Annaliza B. Wakat (CA), Carmelo W. Madinno (CAS), Milagros B. Onalan (CEAT), Cristina C. Agrabe (CHET), Sano L. Ngiwas (CF), Keverne Jhay P. Colas (CN), Dolores E. Alawas (CTE), Gil G. Calderon (CVM), Ryan B. Batinay (IHK), Gedion C. Ulban Jr. (IIT), Julie M. Binaldo-Velasco (IPA), Rozsi P. Tobias (BSU Bokod) and Leila P. Buloguey (BSU Buguias).

Election Committee (ELECOM) Chair, Donato Wanawan reported an overall voter turnout of 74.5% with 241 faculty members who casted their votes out of 338 expected voters. BSU Bokod had a 100% voter turnout while BSU Buguias had 86.6% and BSU La Trinidad had 70.9%.

Wanawan commented that the voter turnout is an indication of a successful election and the active participation and concern of faculty members. Re-elected president, Imelda O. Degay also explained that the new Constitution and Bylaws (CBL) of the FCI has ensured the maximum participation and representation of the three campuses, thus the proportionate distribution of officers.

OIC BSU President, Dr. Danilo B. Bose who administered the oath-taking commended the officers and reminded them to influence their members to do better despite the current pandemic.

“The position of Faculty President in the board is very crucial, you are now sure that you have one vote in the Board of Regents (BOR) among 10 or 11 members and the president will make sure that your voices will be heard in the BOR. The other members, umaasa sila na ang kanilang kapaknan ang iyong isusulong dito sa asosasyong ito,” Dr. Bose said.

FCI accomplishments and letting casual faculty members vote

In her remarks, Degay presented highlights of the FCI accomplishments for the past years. These includes the increased awareness of employees to the FCI; enhanced participation of members; establishment of an office provided by former BSU President Feliciano G. Calora, Sr.; maintained good standing with DOLE,  CSC, PSLMR and BIR; SEC registration in 2019; revival of the CNA;  NBC 7th Cycle push up; Annual General Assemblies; Consultative Dialogue and Faculty Fora held; and the creation of an FCI logo and Facebook Page. She also acknowledged the BSU management, the BSU Government Employees’ Association (BSUGEA) and BSU Non-Teaching Association (BSUNTA) for the actions and challenges.

Wanawan also took the opportunity to pose suggestions to the FCI based on the ELECOM’s experiences from the election process. One is to require candidates for the Vice President and President position to have at least ten years of service to ensure that senior faculty members are elected and to allow Job Order and Contract of Service faculty members to vote. Wanawan related how the ELECOM had to refuse excited voters because of their employment status.    

Degay acknowledged the suggestions and explained that job order faculty members may not be considered since they may not stay for more than a semester while those in casual status maybe considered.//