BSU ISRD holds Academic Forum on Indigenous Research

To help address the persisting misconceptions about Indigenous People and Indigenous Knowledge, the BSU Institute of Social Research and Development (ISRD) Center conducted an academic forum on Indigenous Research Methodology and IP Issues on November 15 and 21, 2023.

One of the speakers is Karminn C.D. Daytec Yangot. She is a Development Worker and Teaching Fellow at the University of the Philippines – Baguio. Karminn shared a comprehensive definition and process of Indigenous Research Methodology and its role in doing Indigenous research on November 15, 2023. She reiterated the active participation of Indigenous communities in the conduct of research and their ownership over their collective body of knowledge. She also emphasized the integration of ethics in the entire research process.

In response, ISRD Division Chief for Language, Literature, Arts and Communication, Karen O. Laking expressed her gratitude for the said event as an enlightenment for BSU faculty staff and researchers who are relatively new to these kinds of research.

"One thing that we have had this afternoon is we are freed from misconceptions that we continuously see and maybe, that we continuously share with our students,” she added. 

Then on November 21, the Director of Kawari Fund, Minnie Malabo Degawan, covered the contribution of Indigenous people in biodiversity conservation and climate change action as evident in their identity tied to their traditional lands, territories, and natural resources.
Degawan further shared some updates on the development of global policies safeguarding the Indigenous people’s rights and dedicated funding for them. 

Lastly, Partners for Indigenous Knowledge Philippines Researcher, Florence Mayocyoc Daguitan discussed some insights and principles of doing applied participatory community action research highlighting its role in Indigenous research. 

“It is indeed crucial to learn about Indigenous people because, at this point, we are the generation who can make a very meaningful chance to revitalize your values, our cultures, and our indigenous knowledge systems and practices that care for our land, that care for our people, and many more,” she emphasized.

To end, ISRD Division Chief Matyline A. Camfili-Talastas facilitated the concluding activity of extracting research topic ideas from participants. The BSU ISRD is headed by Director Ann Heather B. Kiwang.