BSU Joins the Celebration of Nat’l Statistics Month

With the theme, “Accelerating Progress: Promoting Data and Statistics for Healthy Philippines,” Benguet State University, through the College of Numeracy and Applied Sciences, participated in the celebration of the 34th National Statistics Month (NSM) this October 2023.


During the University Flag-raising Ceremony on October 16, Dr. Ederson G. Bawang, the dean of CNAS, underscored the importance of statistics in our daily life by narrating a story about a person who ended in demise only because of unfamiliarity with statistic-related knowledge.


“Statistics can be used by ignorant people, and the result can be very tragic. So please, let us learn and love statistics. This is my encouragement also to our students, please love and care for your statistics,” he said.


Meanwhile, Philippine Statistics Authority-Benguet Chief Statistical Specialist Dr. Imelda L. Buyucan, through her representative, said that statistics play a crucial and significant role in improving the quality of health in our country as it contributes to policy and decision-making as regards health and health-related concerns.


“The objective of the NSM is to promote, enhance, and instill awareness and appreciation of the importance and value of statistics to the different sectors of society and elicit cooperation and support of the general public in upbraiding the quality and standard in the country,” she emphasized.


The observance of NSM is under Proclamation No. 647, “Declaring the month of October of every year as the National Statistics Month".