HORTI Launches Coffee Table Books for Beans and Strawberries

The Benguet State University (BSU) Horticulture Research and Training Institute (HORTI) launched coffee table books showcasing beans and strawberries on July 12, 2022, at the Research and Extension Everlasting Hall.


After eight to 10 years in the making, the 60-page book “Legume R&D: HORTI and Beanstalk Tried and Tested Bean Varieties in the Philippines” authored by Leoncia L. Tandang, Amelia M. Kimeu, and Margie S. Epie was finally introduced. The book presents the breeding programs, selection, crop management, seed production and pilot testing of bush and pole beans in the highlands. It also highlights the different bean varieties developed and approved by the National Seed Industry Council. The book offers five varieties of bush snap beans and eight pole snap bean varieties.


Another coffee table book, “Duting Shi Kabenguetan”: HORTI Strawberry R&D,” was written by Milagros R. Dumaslan and Leila Mary A. Ayban. Duting Shi Kabenguetan is an ibaloi phrase that means strawberry in Benguet. The book presents research outputs generated by the researchers that would benefit more farmers and clients about strawberries. It also aims to reach a broader audience and disseminate research outputs on strawberries in a unique platform.


According to Dumaslan, the book will illuminate farmers on how tissue-cultured strawberries were produced. The developed book also responds to the Department of Agriculture’s request on planting materials for strawberries that will be distributed to farmers.


Representative of Vice-President for Research and Extension and Higher Education Regional Research Center Director Dr. Nordalyn Pedroche and Office for Research Services Director Dr. Gretchen Gaye C. Ablaza appreciated the hard work, dedication, and commitment of the authors and everyone behind the production of the books. Pedroche said that the books were produced to be read by everyone, not just by technical people.


“To the readers, you can be ensured and assured that these books are backed by science and we, in the R&E sector, are proud in showcasing the relevant technologies of Benguet State University,” expressed Pedroche.


Pedroche further stated that readers would acquire knowledge and practical know-how in strawberry and legume production. She added that readers will learn about the different varieties of beans and the applicable techniques in growing beans and strawberries. She hoped the readers would apply the farming techniques in their farms and will benefit from the technologies profoundly conceptualized and created. //EMBawayan