BSU Welcomes New ILC Students

BSU welcomes new ILC students. Six students from the Chungbuk Provincial College (CPC) were welcomed on January 21, 2014 through a simple program with dinner at the RSDC Hall. Evidently, these students were accompanied by Dr. Kim Hee Dai of the CPC Department of Biotechnology and Medicaments and Prof. Tae Mun Geol of the CPC Department of Education. The photo shows the students and their teachers joining the CCA-Kontad in the Bendiyan dance of Kabayan.//JST

BSU Hosts 2013 CARASUC Athletic Meet

     The CARASUC or Cordillera Association of State Universities and Colleges Athletic Meet 2013 was hosted by the University from December 11-14 spearheaded by the Institute of Human Kinetics, formerly the Institute of Physical Education and Sports.

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