Curricular Offering

      Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
      Major in;
        * Agricultural Economics Horticulture
        * Agronomy Organic Agriculture
        * Agroforestry Plant Breeding
        * Animal Science Plant Pathology
        * Entomology Soil Science
        * Extension Education
      Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness
      Major in;
        * Marketing
        * Finance
        * Local Agribusiness Marketing
      Bachelor of Science in Development Communication
      Major in;
      * Community Broadcasting
      * Development Journalism
      * Educational Communication
      Certificate in Practical Organic Agriculture
      Certificate in Agricultural Science
      Diploma in Agroforestry
     Doctor of Philosophy in
        * Agronomy
        * Horticulture
        * Rural Development
      Master of Science in
        * Agricultural Economics
        * Horticulture
        * Agronomy
        * Plant Pathology
        * Animal Science
        * Rural Development
        * Entomology
        * Soil Science
        * Extension Education 
      Organic Agriculture (in consortium with Open University)
      Master in Resource Management System