Vermiculture practice shared by BSU still sustained in Basil, Tublay

Tublay, Benguet- At least 10% of the farmers of Barangay Basil still continue practicing vermicomposting. This is according to Basil Barangay Captain, Hon. Lito Mateo. He said that through the collected fund from vermicomposting, they were able to maintain the production of vermicast or the product of vermicompost to continuously supply the farmers. Farm expenses and exposure to chemicals were also lessened.

Students build motorized cocoon deflosser to support local silk production

Deflossing is the removal of silk waste that appears outside the cocoon. In Benguet, silkworm farmers defloss by hand which is laborious and time-consuming. Only the Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA) Regional Satellite Office in Wangal, La Trinidad utilize a hand-driven cocoon deflosser with the capacity to defloss 0.75 kilograms of cocoon per hour. While scouting for possible thesis topics in various agencies, the hand-driven deflosser caught the attention of Lester Clyde B.

CN holds 26th Pin and Ring Ceremonies


The College of Nursing Conducted its 26th Pin and Ring Ceremony at the BSU Gymnasium this June 14, 2019.

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